"In library badge" is not shown in "My Albums"

…but all the other badges is shown. Any ideas why it’s now shown?

Hi Bernt,

This is expected behaviour because every album in “My Albums” is in your library, so the badge is redundant.

Cheers, Greg

Hi @greg,

That’s my thinking too, it redundant on that page. However, it does beg the question what the option "Show “in library badge” in “Customize album display” switch off.

Maybe something in a sub-screen, don’t have time right to to explore, but will follow up later if I find out.

It switches off the icon on (some but not all?) album covers used elsewhere in Roon, e.g. in an artist’s Discography…

That’s what I suspected, just can’t testing it right now.

It can see given the placement of the option in setting why some might think it should affect the main albums page … but I can understand why it it grouped there with all the others.