‘In library’ icon not showing on ‘discography’ page

I switched from tidal to qobuz using soundiiz. Now on the discography page with the ‘in library’ toggle off, i see all available albums by an artist, but I used to have ‘in library’ icons on those that were in my library. Since the switch to Qobuz these icons do not show. Settings are right, they should show.

I can however click the big plus to ‘add’ an album to the library (where it already is) And then the icon does show up. Album count in library stays the same when I do this.

I don’t get it, how do I get Roon to show the icons without having to click the plus for each individual album? Does Roon treat qobuz favorites different than it does tidal?

Issue still there in build 778, on win10, Android and IOS

Hey @Bolus,

Thanks a whole lot for telling us about this and for your incredible patience while we got a chance to reply. I am sorry it took us this long :pleading_face:

I was hoping that, if you still run into this, you could share some screenshots with us?

And, just to make sure, when you say that Settings are right, they should show, are you referring to Settings → General → Customize Album Display (Show in library badge toggled on)?

Thanks for the reply. The issue seems to have resolved itself. I now see the icons where I would expect them.

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