In starting up Roon on my Surface Pro 7 the App won't get past the icon

Roon Core Machine

Surface Pro 7, Intel(R) Core™ i7-1065G7 CPU @ 1.30GHz 1.50 GHz, 16.0 GB (15.6 GB usable)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Modem - Huawei (model HG569), Ethernet connection (all relevant devices have hard wire connection)

Connected Audio Devices

PS Audio Direct Stream Junior DAC and streamer (with access to Tidal), Bluesound Vault II (for CD and downloaded audio file storage)

Library Size

Approximately 600 albums

Description of Issue

As of approximately 6pm Australian Eastern Standard Time the Room App on the Surface Pro 7 inexplicably would not fully boot up. This occurrence came out of the blue, never having had an issue previously. It got stuck at the icon ‘doing its thing’. I have tried the following:

  1. I closing and restarting the App
  2. Shutting down all devices (including modem))
  3. Re-installing the Roon App from your website
  4. Left the App trying to start-up for a number of minutes

All of these strategies have been unsuccessful.

Would appreciate your advice.


Sounds like a corrupt database

There are threads dealing with removing and restoring a database, it involves renaming the Roon folder so that Roon will create a new one as if a new install. Then you restore a backup

Hi Mike

I’m not sure how to locate the db (I’ve learnt that at least - the abbreviation!)

I did try but was unsure the exact name of what I am looking for amongst lots of files.

I did find this:

Is there a step-by-step pdf of how to deal with a corrupt db that you know of?

regards, Julian

Hi @Julian_Lindsay,

Thanks for reaching out when running into issues and for engaging on our community to find solutions (thanks for your help @Mike_O_Neill :pray:).

If you’ve been making regular backups, it’d be great to install Roon fresh on your Core machine, and roll back to one of your backups. If the database loads properly, your edits, playlists, tags, etc should be intact, and we can confirm everything is performing properly once it’s been restored.

You can use these instructions to set up Roon fresh:

  • Exit out of Roon
  • Navigate to your Roon’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “Roon”
  • Rename the “Roon” folder to “Roon_old”
  • Restart/Reinstall the Roon App to generate a new Roon folder
  • (Optional) Restore Roon from a backup at least a week before this issue started

If you do not have any backups, unfortunately you will need to start with a fresh database.

We’ll keep an eye out for your reply :nerd_face:

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Hi Rebeka

Thank you, that was most useful and I have had success.

I have decided to take the opportunity to NOT use my backup but rather re-Tag all of my albums. It will take a while but I have the time (I have wanted to change the naming and categories).

It would be handy in “Albums” and “Focus” to be able to see the albums I have NOT tagged so I can keep track of where I am up to in my tagging. Either that or there be a simple icon on the album picture indicating that it has been tagged.

Do you know a way around this? If not who could I make this suggestion to as a enhancement?

Thanks again, Julian

Hi @beka , is it worth writing this up as a formal FAQ as it seems to be a common event ?

I was hesitant to advise as I have never done it

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Hey @Julian_Lindsay,

Thanks for trying the suggested steps - I’m really glad it worked :partying_face:

While I’m not sure there is an “official” way to get this done (nor is there a badge for a tagged album at this time), here’s our suggestion:

  1. Navigate to the Tags tab (under My Stuff) and create a tag called untagged (or anything else you want)
  2. On the Albums tab in Roon select all of your albums. You can do this by using Ctrl+A (on a Windows) or Cmd+A (on a Mac)
  3. Click on the elipsis at the top and select Add to tag.

Add the untagged tag to all of your albums.

  1. You can then use the Focus feature on just the untagged tag to see what albums still have to be correctly tagged.

  2. Once you’ve appropriately tagged an album (or multiple albums) remove the untagged tag. There are two ways you can do this.

  • Under Albums right click on the album(s) you want to remove the tag from, click on the elipsis, Add to tag and from the pop-up window, uncheck the untagged tag:

  • Or, you can navigate to the My Tags tab, click on Untagged, right click on the album(s) you want to remove from the tag, click on the top elipsis and select Remove from tag

I hope this works :pray:

@Mike_O_Neill, thanks for the idea! It’s great to know this would be needed. Is what I posted here what you had in mind, or something else?

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Hi Rabeka

What a wonderful solution - why didn’t I think of that?

As I assign Tag to an “Untagged” album I will, at the same time un-untag it and all will be well.


I can also put new albums in the Untagged Tag before I decide where it best fits in my categorisation.

Maybe - just thought of this - Roon could automatically put all new albums into an Untagged Tag in the future.

Thank you so much.

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Hey @Julian_Lindsay,

I’m so glad this workaround isn’t too tedious :nerd_face:

Thanks for the quick reply and feedback :pray:

In Roon its all about “Skinning Cats” :heart_eyes_cat:, its mostly all there and can be got at in many ways


Hey @Mike_O_Neill

Thank you for your positive support and encouragement. This is so nice to see. :v:

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Sounds super! Please, let me check with the team and see if we can publish an article about this in the help center :nerd_face:

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