Inappropriate behavior with (not) showing a newly 'Added' album

If one rips a CD and that album is already in ones library because is was added from Qobuz (e.g.), then the newly ripped CD does not show in ‘Added’. A ‘Force Rescan’ doesn’t change anything

I added ‘Amandla’ by Miles Davis (before I added ‘Lush Life’)…

I already had a Qobuz version (found by Searching on ‘Amandla’) and that was marked as primary.

If I delete the Qobuz version, then ‘Amandla’ shows up in ‘Added’ and in the correct sequence of additions, i.e. before ‘Lush Life’.

This is wrong. When one adds an album is should show as being ‘Added’ no matter what other versions might have previously been added.

To show all instances of duplicate albums you will need to change “Show hidden tracks and albums” to “Yes” on the Settings page. Otherwise Roon hides duplicates and shows the added date as the the date that the first version was added.

Thanks for that. Your point is taken.

I submit that when one adds an album, then it should be shown in ‘Added’ on the Home screen, rather than Roon second guessing on how albums should be displayed. It’s just rude behavior on Roon’s part.

Marking ‘Show hidden tracks and albums’ to ‘Yes’ is not the same thing, or shouldn’t be.

I’ve changed the thread title accordingly.

My OCD requires that I follow up this thread.

Today, I added a rip that Focus identifies as a duplicate and yet it did show up in the ‘Added’ section on the Home page. ‘Show hidden tracks’ is still set to ‘No’.

So, sometimes yes and sometimes no. The hallmark of spaghetti code that does the same thing in two different places with two different results.

Doesn’t matter, I suppose. Roon has bigger mistakes to fix than this.

Has the new (duplicate) version been grouped with thd older version?

Ah, too late to check now. I deleted the Qobuz copy. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was replying from memory on my last post. I’ve just had a play around. Even if 2 copies of the same album are grouped, the new copy will show up in the “Added” section if this new copy is the Primary version. As far as I can work out, the following applies if you have 2 or more versions:

  1. If the versions are not grouped, the Added screen shows the most recent addition date.
  2. If the versions are grouped, the Added screen shows the Primary version addition date.

It’s all quite confusing.

Begs the question of how a brand new rip gets marked as a primary version. That didn’t happen with the rip that started this post?

The second hallmark of spaghetti code. :laughing:

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