Incompatible Versions - Roon on iPhone

As you can see on the picture, I cannot use Roon on my iPhone at the moment.

Any ideas what could help?

What picture @Squeezemenicely. What build is your core on, what build is the app?

Your on early access core which you must have elected to be part off, your remote isn’t. Follow the instructions to download the early access remotes , it’s posted in that part of the forum. If on iPhone you need to install TestFlight then click on the links Roon provides to install the early access versions


As CrystalGipsy said. Look here:


Marvellous, it worked. I had no idea that there was also a Roon app via TestFlight.
I used to test Arc.

But great - looking forward to new and greater Roon versions.

Thanks all is good again.


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