Incomplete Search: Label search and phrase search. Tidal


Search in Tidal.
When looking for classical music label search can be most useful. But the search function do not work properly for label search. The label “Naïve” show 2 Albums. But there are many more with “Naïve” label in Tidal. Error?

And, searching “Vivaldi Edition” do not show all Albums with “Vivaldi Edition” in the heading. Please explain.



Hi Frode,

Roon search results of Naive only show Label results from your library. They don’t go into Tidal to show what’s available. Maybe this could be a feature request.

To find Vivaldi Edition in the album name, go into Album Browser then click focus. In the top left of the pop up box, you’ll see filter. Type in Vivaldi Edition and it will show all albums with it in the name. You can choose to play them all from there.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your feedback. I find that the biggest need for search is before the Album is in the Library. It is from Tidal I make my picks into the Library. The way “To find Vivaldi…” is for Library only?

This is a nice feature, but the problem finding Albums starts before they are in the Library. When in Library, I am home free.


I’d love to search for a label on tidal, too! Maybe this could be moved to “feature requests”?


Was there ever made a request for this? I would love this feature!

Edit: I see now that it is in feature request already. :slight_smile:

Though this has zero votes, suggest @moderators may want to close and consolidate with the primary feature request…

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