Inconsistent ARC Connectivity Through Network Changes (ref#HVO5HW)

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· I'm having trouble with Roon ARC

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ARC can't reliably stay working through network changes. I am still experiencing the issue described in:

@connor had been trying to help me —and I have sent him log snippets — but since the original post wasn’t in Support I think it got lost in the suffle through no fault of his.

Describe your network setup

- Motorola MB7621 cable modem;
- pfSense 24.03 running on a Protectli 4-port Vault, running pfBlocker NG firewall; Suricata IDS/IPS; Dynamic DNS; etc. All household devices have DHCP reservations (“static mapping”). I am not running a VPN. My Roon box communicates with the outer world via standard port forwarding. Suricata monitors for port scanning and shuts off scanning hosts when port scanning is detected;
- Cisco Catalyst 2960G core switch; note that, although this is a fairly old switch (and I have a cold spare!), it is a high-end enterprise device that supports true IEEE 802.3ad 1 link aggregation. You will need at least a modern business class “managed” switch to support this if you choose to, and it requires some time to properly configure on the switch end as well as the NAS end.
- All 1 Gbps certified CAT6 cabling;
- Wireless is 2x Netgear WAX218, connected to the 2960G.

This is what it looks like while on the road, once I am back to a strong cell signal; the only solution is (still) to quit and restart ARC in situations like this:

Here’s where I shared some logs - in a semi-related thread:


Thank you for rejuvenating this thread and my apologies for losing the trail. We’ll certainly do our best to sort this out. Let me escalate to development behind the scenes.

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Thank you so much! Let me know anything you need, @connor.

I’m experiencing this too. Arc cannot resolve connections once they are broken in anyway. Happens transitioning from WiFi to cellular, cellular where I lose data connection for a short period or even on WiFi if I forget to initially activate Tailscale. Arc refuses point blank to reconnect and gives port connection errors. Restart of app fixes it straight away. This behaviour seems to have gotten worse in my usage, perhaps as my cellular connection is getting more unstable on my daily commute but never noticed it in WiFi until recently.

This might be the best way to put it.

I don’t think it’s generally true because it’s not the case for me when I play music while leaving the house and the phone changes from wifi to 5G. Whatever the difference might be.

That is quite interesting. Do you go from WiFi to no signal to 5G? That is what I do…

Also, curious: Are you dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6?

I think for a short time because it’s wifi in the apartment, then I have very poor or no reception for maybe 10 meters in the hallways of the building, then 5G as I make it to the entrance.

I have dual stack but my IPv4 is static.

I’m at my brothers place in France and it’s done it everytime gone out of WiFi range and back. Or went into town earlier wasn’t playing anything came park restore Arc to forground poor connection error, restart app back to normal. It’s been doing it at home lots to. Possibly it’s the combo of Tailscale and Arc. But no other apps have this issue with same setup.

I believe you, just saying that it’s not doing that for me, so there must be some difference whatever it is.

Possibly due to Tailscale but it doesn’t do the same with PlexAmp under same conditions.

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