Inconsistent behavior between different user profiles

Roon Nucleus running 1.8

As the title indicates. Newly created local playlists (while “logged in” to user A’s profile) will sometimes show up on user B’s library\playlists and sometimes will not. Similarly, certain playlists imported from Tidal (while “logged in” to user A’s profile) will show up on user B’s library\playlists, some do not. I’ve noticed this inconsistent behavior under artists as well; sometimes I will save an artist to my Roon profile and that artist will appear under library\artists on his profile - which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as we listen to much of the same music - but sometimes the artist will only be added to the library of whoever added the artist.

There are definitel quirks to the Roon interface that I am slowly but surely learning. This is one of those quirks that has been driving me absolutely bonkers. Ideally in the future we’d like to remove all tidal playlists, only manage through Roon, but we have only recently gotten our Nucleus and are learning how best to transition our library management / listening workflows to a Roon-only system (managing everything on Roon while still being connected to Tidal as a source for our respective libraries). This is partially complicated by the fact that I use / add to my library when away from home via Tidal and there isn’t a perfectly seamless sync flow between my Tidal library and Roon at home.

Albums are not separated by profiles, the library is the library for all profiles. Playlists, Tags and bookmarks are done by Profile. If you go under a Playlist or Tag, and select Edit, you can choose which profile’s to display (or not). If a playlist is entered as Shared then it will show up for both.


Also, how albums are displayed or Focused is by Profile, so, if one profile has a different album sort than another, it is easy to think that albums might be in one or the other. Albums are always in both.


Hi @Nicholas_Harsin

Rugby’s response is spot-on here — If you’re seeing anything that doesn’t seem to line up with that please send us a screenshot of what you’re seeing and we’ll be happy to help!

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