Inconsistent sort order

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Build 505

Description Of Issue

The order of sorting albums is different in different views.
My sort order is Erstveröffentlichung.
In the Album view are the albums in an other order than in the track view on the right side in the list of other albums of this artist.
The last one seems to be correct.
Btw. How could i add screenshots?

That would help. In the meantime, if I understand you correctly, you can’t change the order of albums in the by this artist column to the right of an album’s track listing

I have uploaded the images.
You can see that the albums are in a different order.
Thx for your the instruction.
It is not that important. But i am wondering why it is different.

Ahh, I see now what you mean.
Unfortunately, Roon won’t do a sort within a sort. Having chosen nach interpret sortiert, it won’t sort by Erstveröffentlichung within that.

If you focus on the artist first (easiest to use the little filter funnel), you can then sort just those albums as you wish.

Ok. Thx.
But then I only see the one artist or others that are also selected.
Anyway it’s not that important…

It’s quicker to select one album and check the right order in the list by this artist.

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