Incorrect album covers: Some albums display incorrect artwork thumbnail

Roon Core Machine

ROCK Intel NUK 10 Intel Core i3 Processor

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Roon Core hardwired to Xfinity Wifi Modem

Connected Audio Devices

Hegel 190: Roon Ready Internal Streamer > Internal DAC > H190 > Speakers
miniDSP SHD Studio > Denafrips Aries II > Preamp > Amplifier > Speakers
Bluesound Node 2i > Integrated Amplifier > Speakers
Schiit Modi 3 to Magni to headphones

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Recently, I discovered unidentified number of albums showing incorrect album artworks. It’s hard to define which albums are being affected and how many. The wrong album covers would show up like this.

When you open the album in the wrong artwork thumbnail, they show correct artwork and album details.

I have already fixed dozens of album with this problem by deleting them and adding them again to the library but new incidents keep showing up.

I am not sure if they may repair themselves automatically after a while or do I have to eventually find them and fix one by one. Quite annoying to see more and more incorrect artwork thumbnails in the album display.

I am asking if anyone already discovered solutions for this issue.

Try clearing the image cache on the remote that’s displaying the incorrect covers: Settings → Setup → Clear image cache


@DaveN Thank you again! That worked!!


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