Incorrect arrangement of 2-disc Bach Solo Cello Suites [Resolved]

Using JRiver, I ripped a 2-CD set of Bach Solo Cello Suites with Yo-Yo Ma. In ripping each disc, I set a “disc #” tag corresponding to the CD number. CD 1, for example, starts with Suite No. 1 (6 tracks); CD 2 starts with Suite No. 2 (also 6 tracks). But Roon (which monitors my music library) shows this:

So the first track on CD 1 is grouped with the first track on CD 2, and so forth.

Here is what the concerned directory looks like:

Obviously, the track number that’s part of a track/file might make Roon mistakenly think that, for example, the first 2 tracks in the listing are related. But, I thought, the imbedded disc # tag should have made clear what is the arrangement.

I found separately that if I put each CD’s tracks into a separate directory, everything turns out OK. But I prefer to have a single directory, and that approach has worked well until now.


Hmm … Mp3tag doesn’t show tags for the files. I’ll have to look further into what’s what.

OK, this was due to something in a JRiver setting. Everything good now.

I should have said: I use JRiver to rip CDs.

I use dbPoweramp to rip CDs. I like it better than JRiver in my experience.

I’ve used the free download dBpoweramp a little. What advantages do you find?

No Idea what the free version has versus the paid version, but

  1. I find the meta data and the meta data options to be better. The ability to view the meta data from 3 or 4 different sources and pick and choose which information to use is great, especially if ripping classical.
  2. The File Naming Functionality.
  3. The Error Checking with Accurate
  4. The Encoding options
  5. Makes use of multiple cpu cores

And, the paid version comes with a brilliant batch mass transcoding utility.