Incorrect artist attribution

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Core - iMac OS Catalina running Roon v 1.8 build 764

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B&W Formation Wedge connected by ethernet.

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Currently using Roon 1.8 (build 764) on a Mac and it would seem this is an old problem that hasn’t gone away. Here is an example. I imported into iTunes classical music practice pieces for flute. Metadata included the relevant cover art, artist info etc. which was picked up by Roon. On opening Roon I noticed that my album was incorrectly attributed to some rapper named SFDK!. Having manually adjusted the settings to allow attribution from within the file rather than Roon’s there is still the SFDK reference lurking within Roon. How can I totally eradicate this linking to a clearly incorrect data source. Screenshots attached for your amusement (and my annoyance).!

Hey Christian,

if you look further down in the “Album editor” there you can see CREDITS:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-03 um 12.02.52

Check there if you can get rid of that SFDK.

Hi Oliver. Thanks for your reply. In the Credits editor only the correct artists are checked (shown on the right hand side) with the offending ones on the left hand side unchecked. There is nowhere that will allow me to permanently delete the incorrect attributions in relation to this album. Any further help would be greatly appreciated.

In addition to the Album credits, you may also check the track credits whether they are at fault. Usually these things can be fixed

Hey Christian,

as bbrip wrote - check the track credits, too. You find them by clicking on the three dots right to each track, click on “Edit…”, then “Edit Track”, “Edit credits”.

Another try might be: Select all tracks (right click one track), then in the upper left of the window (left to the “Play now” button) click on “1 selected” and click “Select all”. Now click on the three dots on top of the Window right to the “Play now” button. Choose “Edit…” and then “Edit tracks”. There you can also edit the credits - this time for all tracks together.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Finally found a way to do it… 3 dots to right of ‘Play now’ > Edit > Identify album > ‘none of these look right’. Then select ‘Use file tag info’ (top right) then ‘Use basic File information’. This forces Roon to only use the embedded metadata which seems to divorce it from any link to another album. The reference and photos to SFDK have now disappeared… yay!..thanks for all the help. :grinning:


You are absolutely right. “Unidentifying” an Album is another way towards fixing this :+1:

But you’d lose any album reviews and stuff - in case they exist. If not, it doesnt make a difference.

Hey @fallingforstars,

Thanks for bringing up this conversation and thank you, @Oliver_Stettner and @bbrip for joining in and sharing a solution :pray: