Incorrect Roon metadata made 3 songs not showing under an album

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incorrect Roon metadata

Hi, I have pressed saved button under identify album without realising your metadata was incorrect. There were 3 songs missing from your data. It is the right album from 2xHD label but missing the last 3 tracks. So now I can’t get those 3 tracks showing up in my library although they are still in the hdd under the same folder.

Tidal also has this album with 14 tracks but your database has 11 tracks only.

Musicbrainz has this product code with 14 tracks too and I have used its app to tag this album in my nas too. I ticked prefer files under metadata preference but those last 3 tracks refused to appear under this album again in Roon. I tried everything apart from reset everything in my Roon rock. Please help!

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Have you tried to re-identify the album.

Roon’s database does know about the three versions of this album and the total of 14 tracks. Perhaps your metadata has split this into two albums in Roon?

Gotta be something local, see…

Thanks guys, I actually found my files were corrupted after posting the question. Not sure what happened but have to download the album again. Still waiting for a reply and hope that will solve the issue. Cheers

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I’ll keep the thread open until you have the new files and let us know they work ok.

Thank you. I am still waiting for a response from HDTracks for re-download. They used to be really fast :frowning:

Thank you. Files downloaded again and problem solved. Cheers

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