Incorrectly Empty Queue

Roon Core Machine

Roon Rock, Intel NUC i7

Description of Issue

I’ve had this happen a few times. Four items queued but the queue screen is empty:

Also, the play button won’t respond to clicks. So I quit and restart the Roon app (running as an endpoint on a MacBook Pro). After the restart, it works again:

Had this happen again just now on a different computer.

Once again the buttons were also no clickable. Additionally, the volume was very low. All went back to normal after I restarted the app.

@support What is the process at Roon for bug reports like this? Do you acknowledge them, so we know we are not wasting our breath? Sorry if this is already discussed elsewhere and I missed it.

It sounds like release 970 fixes this: " Resolved an issue where TIDAL / Qobuz playlist could end up with an inactive play button"

It would still be good to understand how you handle bug reports though. There should be some kind of ack from your side.

Hey now @Nick, :skull: :rose:

Thank you for reaching out, you issue sounds more like the unresponsive frozen client issue that was addressed in Build 970. Please install that and let us know if you experience similar behavior as before. Thanks!

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