Incorrectly labelled hardware



I have a couple of questions…

  1. Is there anyway of clearing, resetting or hiding the track play count?

  2. My system consists of the core running on a Mac Mini then an end point which is connected to the DAC. Both the end point and the DAC are known to Roon and recognised within the application (the end point automatically and the DAC through manual selection). The hardware shown along the bottom bar of Roon (the zone or output?) mixes my devices. It shows an illustration of my DAC but incorrectly labels it with the end point model name. Is there a way I can put this right and which of these devices should I expect to be displayed?

Thanks and regards.

You can make a new profile, or just start with a fresh database.


Thanks for the reply.

If I start with a fresh database, do I delete the exist one and Roon will automatically create a replacement? If so, will it spend ages reindexing my music at it did during the initial install?

As for my original second question, I have resolved this. I was being stupid!!

Thanks again for your help.

Hi @inbox4 ---- Thanks for getting in touch, glad to hear the “second question” from above has been sorted out.

In regard to your most recent post/question. In order to install a new Roon DB you should…

  1. Stop all active instances of the application (core, remotes, and any RoonBridge devices).

  2. Locate your Roon DB (i.e your “Roon” folder) and delete it.

  3. After the “Roon” folder (aka your Roon DB) has been deleted the next time you launch Roon a new one will be created automatically. And yes, Roon will need to import and analyze your files again.