Increased performance, security from DNS change to

Yesterday I read a few online articles about a DNS address that could be faster than what you are using and has better security.

It’s hosted by Cloudflare. Just type into your Internet browser and it’ll prompt you on how to change the settings for that particular device.

I just did this on my iPhone, Win10 computer (where Roon core resides) and iPad and my browsing is significantly quicker. Plus, Roon seems to load and react much more quickly.

Don’t take my word, however, read the various articles before you take the plunge.


April Fools maybe? :nerd_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well, I certainly give Cloudflare some credit for launching their product on April Fool’s Day. Did you notice that four 1s could be interpreted as 4.1, which was their intent.:wink: The good part is that it is – indeed – real with tangible benefits! Cheers, Michael

What no ipv6 servers?

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DrTone, for IPv6: 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001

Just go to in your browser and scroll down and you’ll see the ipv6 settings.

Cheers, Michael

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Ahh, only Windows instructions mention IPV6.

Be aware, this might seem like an April Fools’ Day prank as it was launched yesterday and the four ones result in 4.1, but it is real.

There are also settings in Windows for IPv6. Here is a link.

I am willing to give it a try and report back on how well it performs. Thanks.

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John, I’d be curious about your experience. It’s just a little tweak that seems to make a difference to my Roon experience, with added benefits for Internet access and security.

My Roon Core is on a QNAP. I don’t see how the performance of Roon will be improved in that case. I am willing to accept improvements to my day to day internet browsing.

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I’m using the DNS address right now. Haven’t noticed any improvements so far…

Ah! I just figured out how to change settings in my QNAP to take advantage of this. Now I have something to really test.

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Just done this on my iPad and sites load much snappier.
I can’t sort DNS on my BT6A router. I doesn’t appear to be configurable.

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Chris, I have a Google WiFi router and it was a snap to change. If your BT6A router won’t accommodate the change, at least you’ll have better performance AND increased security on your iPad.

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I am changing mine on a device by device basis rather than at the router. My company uses a VPN that has issues connecting when the DNS address gets changed to something custom so I have to leave my laptop at stock since I work from home. I used to use OpenDNS but had issues connecting to the VPN so I dropped it.

Thanks, I’ve changed my iPad Pro and my QNAP TVS 471. Things do seem snappier.

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I changed mine to , Google’s DNS, some time ago. Works fine.

But, make sure your components’ settings are changed also, not just the router. My Oppo was still showing the old DNS; apparently, the change didn’t get pushed. J

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John, I would have thought that changing only the router would be good for all network-connected devices. Not so, apparently, so I, too, have changed all my devices in the chain.

I think this depends on the router. Some will set DNS via DHCP to the router address or ISP DNS servers, while others provide options to override with specific servers, e.g., or, You can check each client and see what DNS servers are listed.

Steve Gibson has a utility that will benchmark DNS servers. Some DNS servers support this, helps secure from man-in-the-middle.