Indicator light of hard disk always on

i just setup ROCK on a NUC8i5BEH。My issue is after system turns on few second, the indicator light of hard disk will be off, but after few minutes , the light shows always on. Is it alright for the ROCK system?

Hi @Eric_Zhang,

Can you share an image of the specific light you’re seeing here? What kind of drive is this?

If this is a new setup, then you might be doing a lot of audio analysis and writing to the drive during this process.

In the bios of the NuC you can choose to shut off these lights (as any other light) completely.

Thanks a lot。but i donnot have monitor。

the light is front face on the left side,yellow,should be indicator of disk。my disk is
intel 540S 180G M.2.

Hi @Eric_Zhang,

Can you share a picture of this?

Saw a couple of posts detailing some incompatibilities with M.2 drives and the HD light. Also, saw this question asked on the Intel forum about the same issue,

Can you check if in Advanced>Device>Sata near HDD Activity LED you can see field labeled: M.2 PCIe SSD LED ? If yes, please enable this function.


Hi @Eric_Zhang,

Thanks for the picture. I spoke with the team about this and the light should reflect both the system drive and internal storage, and so it being lit is expected with how Roon access the database.


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