Inexpensive End Point

Hello everyone,
I’m currently running a Pi 3 endpoint with DietPi streaming Tidal and it works a treat. I was hoping to build a couple more Pi endpoints using the Pi Zero but unfortunately due to the current chip shortages they are almost unavailable (unless you want to pay scalpers prices)
Could those using other inexpensive (currently available) single board computers as endpoints (with USB output) please indicate what they have had success with please.

I bought one of these, put Linux and Roon Bridge on it, and used it via USB out. Nice thing is it also has HDMI out, if that’s useful.

I use an Odroid C2. It has some problems with the USB ports when using a Wifi dongle but when solved (adding a dummy usb drive) it works fine. But it isn’t available for sale anymore. The newer C4 is still available but is also more expensive: €82,95 in The Netherlands.

Or a 2nd hand Celeron NUC of eBay or similar.
Can usually be found with windows or without.

Hi Bill,

Thank you for sharing, unfortunately that’s AUD 320.00 landed at my place. I’m looking for something sub $100. The Rpi I’m currently using - which is not their current model cost me about $35. Of course that’s before CoVid and chip shortages. Even that - which was relatively inexpensive - runs as a Roon endpoint and the load is approximately 3% of its little brains capacity and never skips a beat.
So the Roon Endpoint software load is negligible compared to the power of most of these little Single Board Computers - the real mission (for me) is identifying those that can run some version of Linux that can then run the Roon Endpoint software and output through a USB port - to my DAC.

Not using any and don’t know about availability, but the Diet Pi supported devices is a good place to start.

Hi andybob,

thank you for the link.