Inexpensive tablet for display?

I’m looking for an inexpensive tablet to work as a Roon Display. It will be always on and plugged into power. I considered an old iPad, but seems like the browser (Safari or Chrome) can’t be set to full screen mode. Will I able to do this with an Android tablet? If so, recommendations? Kindle Fire 8 or 10? Samung Tab?


Depending on the functionality you require, a Raspberry Pi display works very well as a display.

Ropieee with a 7" display works well but you cant use it as a roon remote, but it does support play controls and track info and album art. Hardly portable tho.

I’d go with a FireTV 10". Relatively cheap as far as tablets go and you can load the Android remote app on it, navigate to the now playing screen and leave it there 24/7.

Correct. Either the Fire HD 8 or Fire HD 10 - be sure to get the latest generation (2019) tablet.

Go to the Appstore and download and install the Roon Remote app. Once Roon Remote is installed and up and running, go to Setting (on the tablet) -> Setup -> toggle the “Keep screen awake” to “Yes”.

With a Fire HD tablet you can use the tablet as a Now Playing display but also for full Roon control.

Any further questions or help needed, just ask!

Thanks for the quick responses!

Ralph_Pantuso I don’t have experience with Android devices. From what I could gather on the internet, the Fire HD is closed system and requires “side-loading” Google Play to get the Roon App. Are you saying that is no longer the case with the latest (2019) generation.

BTW, I just found a “Full Screen Web Browser” iOS app that I installed on an old iPad that achieves what I am looking for. However, it will be nice to get the inexpensive Fire HD 8, because it doubles as a remote. I can dedicate it to Roon, freeing up my latest iPad for other uses.

Yes, I have an earlier 10 and have not sideloaded the Google app store.


If you’re going to use it as a remote get the 10, you’ll appreciate the additional screen real estate.

The information you refer to is indeed outdated. For both the latest generation Fire HD 8 & 10 tablets, the Roon Remote app is available from the Appstore, which is Amazon’s version of the Google Play Store. By the way, on the latest generation Fire HD 8 & 10 tablets one can even load the Google Play Store and install apps that are not available from the Appstore, but many times these apps will not run.

I repeat: the Roon Remote works and looks great on the Fire HD tablets.

I totally agree, the additional screen real estate is well worth the higher price of the Fire HD10. You will amazed at just how well the Roon Remote app works and looks on these inexpensive tablets. Best bargain around, don’t let the Apple lovers dissuade you.

By the way, the “keep screen awake” setting is also available on the iOS version of the Roon Remote app - both iPhone and iPad.

@Jazzfan_NJ Thanks for the info! I’ve been an Apple consumer forever, but I’m certainly open to trying other stuff. I just ordered the 2019 Kindle Fire HD 10 at an incredible price of $119.99 on

Will update this thread once I have it setup with Roon.

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Look forward to hearing about your experience outside the Appleverse.

Received the Fire HD 10 yesterday. Took me about 15 minutes to setup it up, install OS updates and install Roon. Took me another few minutes to figure how to run in “single app mode”. i.e., pin the Roon app. The best part of pinning is there is no lock screen, so no ads (or “offers” as Amazon likes to sugarcoat them). No need to pay Amazon another $15 to remove the “offers”.

Real nice quality tablet for $120. Roon Control works great on it. I’m dedicating the Fire solely to Roon, which frees up my iPad for other uses. The only thing I like a little better on the iPad is its 4:3 aspect ratio, which is nicer compared to the Fire’s 16:10 (better suited to TV shows). Other than that, I’m not missing anything.

I’m tempted to try out the Fire HD 8 as well.

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I just picked the “Show Mode” dedicated stand for my Fire HD 10 tablet and I’m loving it. However the stand is NOT compatible with the newer Fire HD :frowning_face:

Show Mode

Old iPads work best for me personally.

Amazon fire HD 8 (8th gen) with showmode dock ~€130

Ah nvm Ralph beat me to it

How did you wind up “pinning” the Roon app on your Fire HD 10? I’m looking to add a dedicated remote but am a bit wary of the Fire OS limitations. On the flip side, this is for a pool area and so I also don’t feel like having a lot of money tied up in a device with a limited use case sitting near its arch nemesis (water and kids).

Bump; want to understand this last question too ^^^ thanks

What’s the performance like on the Fire HD 10 2017 (the one that works with the show mode stand)? I have the Lenovo Smart Tab, and it’s awful. The tablet itself if laggy, and it keeps losing connection with the Alexa dock. I really like the convenience and appearance of dock, and the Alexa functionality is a nice enhancement. So, this Fire HD 10 with the Show Mode dock has caught my attention.

I finally managed to get my old iPad 4 to work as a display…

  • Frameless web browser (still works on iOS 10!!!
  • Amazon Basics tablet stand
  • set display to never lock in settings

The performance of the Fire HD 10 (7th generation) with and without the show mode dock is quite good. The tablet is running Fire OS and the Roon app is available via the Amazon Appstore, in other words Roon is native app and no side loading is required.

The only issue I have is the tablet does not maintain charge while in the show mode dock so every few days I have to manually recharge the tablet. Minor inconvenience.

The Fire HD tablet is still the best inexpensive Roon remote available. Is it better than a 5 to 10 times more expensive iPad or iPad Pro? I would say no but than with all money one saves one can buy one year Roon, Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions and still have money left over. Apple fan boys need not apply.