Infinite vertical scrolling and cover zoom

In big screen like 27 inch or 32 inch in artist, albums or tidal the covers and images are small, a zoom or the option to make images bigger is welcome.

Also the option to horizontal or vertical scrolling is a welcome one, as all common computer interface navigation is normally vertical, at least for me would seem more natural.

The option could be, horizontal / Vertical / Infinite artwork scrolling
The Zoom could be a slider or normal / median / big for covers.


Hi, just wondering if you have this set, if so try disabling.

Ah ha! I always had the opposite problem - images too big and too much scrolling on the 12.9 ipad. Never saw that option before. Thanks! It would be nice if there was a thumbnail resize slider on the main screen.

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Deactivating at least in my screen things get a little better, some screenshots of what appears before and after.

Looks like your request is to optimize the Roon UI for 4K resolution, which makes sense with these small fonts and lots of empty spaces.

Have you tried to set the display scaling in your OS to e.g. 150%? This will affect all applications so I don’t know if this is a useable workaround for you.

Hello, I can live with this, I work in video and photo edit on Mac, all the monitors are 4k, I could lower the resolution but is not practical at least for me, because I need the space and pixel by pixel to be correct.

I opted to use it on window mode, at the moment I am searching how to correctly configure ifi iDSD Pro in Roon.

Have you tried running Roon with a custom scalefactor?


The solution that works very well for me is using it in Half of the Screen vertically, full screen on 4k and 8k displays needs work.

In windows things are different, a simple slider to dimension de tiles or pictures could resolve this.

Anyway, Roon is fantastic.