INFO: Bargain sales of CD, Vinyl & Downloads

From time to time we spot a great deal for a music sale be it from Amazon, Qobuz, Tidal, HDtracks or wherever. When you discover that deal don’t keep it to yourself, SHARE IT HERE and give the artist & your fellow “Roonies” a chance to benefit.

My “discovery today was :-

In the UK, PF Animals 2018 CD remix going cheap(ish) on Amazon…£7.99….

Animals (2018 Remix) by Pink Floyd: CDs & Vinyl

Shop Animals (2018 Remix). Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.


50% off

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For me the best year-round discount is through subscribing to Qobuz Sublime which gives you discounted HiRes downloads - they normally work out to be cheaper than CD quality.

Fair point but the purpose of this Topic is to highlight great deals for the many that still collect physical media which is even more relevant now roon doesn’t work without an internet connection.


Fair enough, however you may want to remove the word “downloads” in the title of your thread then!

Amazing download bargain if you’re in the UK:–karel-an-erl-live-recordings

£3.73 or £4.48 for hi-res. Grab the booklet from Qobuz.

No certainly not, many deals are also for bargain price downloads including Qobuz, Tidal, HDTracks amongst others. Once downloaded the individual is the owner and can manipulate the files so they are also a form of physical media through the storage & backup options.
I think the majority of Roon users use streaming services & many use them to identify items they like sufficiently to purchase physical media which then benefits the artists far more than any streaming service reward.
We have been alerted, many times, by chance and got some excellent discounts for all media types.
I specifically excluded “streaming” for what is hopefully obvious reasons.

But we digress, more deals are what we want to see.

This is literally what my post was talking about - Sublime gives you a permanent discount against purchased downloads (on top of any short-run offers they may have)

Seems like we sort of agree then :wink:

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An offer too good to ignore :+1:t4:

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Of particular interest to anyone “stateside” Patricia Barber 50% discount…


I’ve been filling in my jazz CDs from the under $6 bin at
Most are under $3.


Just bought “PATRICIA BARBER - Monday Night Recorded Live At The Green Mill” for 6,50$ :slight_smile:

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I was interested in Café Blue but shipping was four times the cost of the discounted CD ($6.50) so not worth the expense (for me)…:roll_eyes: