INFO: Jaikoz Music Tagger 11 now with Roon support, and 20% discount for Roon Customers

Hi, you may already aware of Jaikoz Music Tagger, a comprehensive automatic and manual editing tagger available for MacOS,Windows and and Linux. Or you may be aware of the SongKong Music Tagger, this is a fully automated tagger with extensive Roon support.

The good news is I have now added the same Roon support to Jaikoz as well

Roon is a great application for playing your music, but Jaikoz music tagging features can make it even better, and like Roon we really care about metadata. Roon cannot always identify all your music, especially if your music includes partial albums or invalid metadata.

Using Jaikoz on your music library:
Improves the metadata to allow Roon to identify albums it could not previously
Can also reorganize folder structure to put split albums back into one album = one folder to help Roon identify.
Adds additional metadata for albums that Roon could identify but has limited information
Adds metadata for albums that Roon still cannot identify so they display better in Roon

And we are offering Roon customers a 20% discount on Jaikoz Pro , just enter JAIKOZWITHROON as a promo code to the shopping cart.

You may be wondering which is better SongKong or Jaikoz, its really upto personal taste and some customers purchase both. But in nutshell SongKong is good if you want to let it get on with automatically organize your music once you have configured the options, it can usually process a music collection of any size in one go, and it is available for headless devices such as Nas drives because it provide a web user interface as well as a desktop interface. Whereas Jaikoz is more like a traditional music tagger, it is much better for manual editing than SongKong, and it is very good for adhoc automated tagging as well but is only available as a desktop application.


Great tagging software had it for a number of years on my Mac.

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We have a new version of Jaikoz, Jaikoz 11.1 Hole full details can be found here

Jaikoz is a great option if you like the idea of SongKongs automated matching but would like more control over your tagging, and we continue to provide a 20% discount on Jaikoz Pro, just enter JAIKOZWITHROON as promo code

This release has three main areas of focus:

Improvements to User Interface
We now support the main view/edit table being multi tabbed so now you can view many fields without having to scroll to the right, the tabs are fully configurable and you can have as few or many as you like, see Jaikoz Main Edit Table is now Multi Tab - Jaikoz Announcements - SongKong and Jaikoz Music Tagger Community Forum for details.

Perhaps the most requested feature has now been done, we now support multiple-column sorting see Jaikoz and Multi Column Sorting - Jaikoz Announcements - SongKong and Jaikoz Music Tagger Community Forum for more details

Supporting both these features required updating a number of libraries and alot of code changes, we have other UI improvements on the way but don’t like to make too many drastic changes to the UI in a single release.

SongKong Compatibility
Jaikoz and SongKong have similar matching algorithms and support the same metadata fields, but they were doing things a bit differently. Some customers use both applications and this meant that if you matched your library in SongKong and then updated them in Jaikoz some fields would get modified, then if you updated in SongKong they would get modified again, this release aims to eliminate this yo-yo ing.

We also have modified the default settings of Jaikoz to better match the SongKong default profile

Additionally we have added full support for release level performers, Discogs performers and Roon Recording Location and Dates to match SongKong

Bug Fixing
We have updated the jaudiotagger music tagging library, this has over twenty fixes since the last Jaikoz release, and we have fixed a number of Jaikoz bugs recently reported by customers.

Another new version !

Jaikoz 11.2.0 Swans with a modern unified light and dark look on all platforms


Jaikoz 11.5 Radiohead now available includes MacOS M1 build for new M1 Macs so longer need to use Rosetta 2

You can still use get a 20% discount on Jaikoz Pro, just enter JAIKOZWITHROON as promo code

Hello Paul,
I already have Songkong and bought 3 years of updates yesterday as well. I am struggling to understand what Jaikoz does compared to Songkong and if both might help in my case?
I am using a Vortexbox i5 based Roon Core (based on Sonicorbiter, which i believe runs Linux) which has a CD import application (see screenshot) using the front loading CD drive on the device. I have found Roon sometimes has difficulty identifying certain CD’s, particularly when they are albums with more than one disc (special editions etc) which are often lost/misnamed.
I am an end user with limited computer knowledge (used to use Sooloos) and am looking for the simplest solution to adding new music CD’s to my Roon server.
Can you suggest a workflow that might aid me in entering CD’s reliably in future and perhaps even correct errors made in the past and if i need JAikoz as well as Songkong?

I should have mentioned i run Songkong on an M1 Mac that has access to the SSD in the roon core but i was wondering if Songkong might run directly on the core instead?

Hi, the basic workflow for new cds would simply be:

  • Rip CD
  • Select folder in SongKong
  • Ensure Fix Songs, Roon profile is selected and then select Fix Songs
  • Select Start button

This should hopefully identify the album and add the information in a way that works well with Roon. You can now add the album to Roon.

SongKong works with linux, however im not sure if there is a way to add applications to your roon core server if not on predefined list ?

But using on your mac directly is fine, not going you make that much difference.

Jaikoz is a more traditional style music tagger, it can also run on linux but unlike SongKong cannot be controlled from web-browser.

You could install and try out on your Mac, it does have some features that SongKong does not but there is alot of overlap between the two, comes down to personal preference.

Thank you Paul.
When i rip the CD can that be via the CD drive in the Roon Core (Linux) device or should it be ripped using the M1 iMac (which does not have a CD drive, though i can get one of course) and using ripper software like dbpoweramp?
Presumably after ripping and running songkong (on the mac) the file would need to be moved to Roon’s music folder and placed in the correct artist folder?

I find it best to rip to a Working folder , then make any changes before putting it into the Roon “Watched Folder(s)”

Every metadata change you make to a file will be detected as a “file change” and set Roon off doing its thing. I just seems right to let Roon do it once.

Works for me.

You don’t mention your OS, Ripping through Nucleus creates files with odd names so once again an external rip wins out. I used JRiver but dBPowerAmp seems to the nod most times here

Thank you, i am running macOS Big Sur Version 11.6.8.
Generally i find ripping into the server direct is ok unless its a multi CD set in which case it tends to go wrong quite often. Will have a look at Jriver.

If you rip on Mac and then run SongKong on your mac against these files that is going to give better performance then if the files are ripped on your RoonCore and then matched remotely by SongKong because you are eliminating the local network.

Thank you. Just tried this (with Robbie Williams album XXV 2 disc version, barcode 94399 21842) and it was identified by SongKong (and dbpoweramp cd ripper) but placed in album folder ‘mixed up’ a bit with 1 track from first disc, then 1 from second disc etc. I renamed the tracks according to the Roon advice (01-01, 02-01 etc) and this seems to have worked.
Is there a way to automate this or rip/identify differently to avoid this?

Can you run Create Support Files please then I see your last few SongKong report and your log files, and clearly trace what has happened, without that it is impossible to accurately comment.

Hi Paul,
Thank you, just sent the support file.

Hi, okay so when you rippped with DbPoweramp it just dumps both discs into one folder, Im not sure if this is due to how you are using dbPoweramp or not.

This is a new album released in September 2022, and SongKong uses a cache of MusicBrainz which is optimized for better performance and additional metadata links with Discogs and other providers. But this does have the disadvantage that we don’t have the very latest MusicBrainz and Discogs data available to SongKong. (Now actually this is a difference between Jaikoz and SongKong, Jaikoz does look in live MusicBrainz database if no match on our database, and we plan to add this to SongKng as well)

So SongKong did not match to MusicBrainz, only Acoustid which only gives us basic song information. So SongKong is not matched to release (as summary shows) only Acoustid Song Only

Now anyway even if it was matched to release it would not be renamed because Rename files based on metadata is set to No

If you have follow up questions please just ask, we also have our own dedicated SongKong forum - SongKong Music Tagger - SongKong and Jaikoz Music Tagger Community Forum

Thanks for the reply. That really helped.

How would you suggest i set the ‘rename files based on meta data’ on the dropdown as i notice there are several options.

I would set to Yes, if matched to Release, generally unwise to rename unless actually match to a release.

Thank you, i will try that.