INFO: Jaikoz Music Tagger 11 now with Roon support, and 20% discount for Roon Customers

Hi, you may already aware of Jaikoz Music Tagger, a comprehensive automatic and manual editing tagger available for MacOS,Windows and and Linux. Or you may be aware of the SongKong Music Tagger, this is a fully automated tagger with extensive Roon support.

The good news is I have now added the same Roon support to Jaikoz as well

Roon is a great application for playing your music, but Jaikoz music tagging features can make it even better, and like Roon we really care about metadata. Roon cannot always identify all your music, especially if your music includes partial albums or invalid metadata.

Using Jaikoz on your music library:
Improves the metadata to allow Roon to identify albums it could not previously
Can also reorganize folder structure to put split albums back into one album = one folder to help Roon identify.
Adds additional metadata for albums that Roon could identify but has limited information
Adds metadata for albums that Roon still cannot identify so they display better in Roon

And we are offering Roon customers a 20% discount on Jaikoz Pro , just enter JAIKOZWITHROON as a promo code to the shopping cart.

You may be wondering which is better SongKong or Jaikoz, its really upto personal taste and some customers purchase both. But in nutshell SongKong is good if you want to let it get on with automatically organize your music once you have configured the options, it can usually process a music collection of any size in one go, and it is available for headless devices such as Nas drives because it provide a web user interface as well as a desktop interface. Whereas Jaikoz is more like a traditional music tagger, it is much better for manual editing than SongKong, and it is very good for adhoc automated tagging as well but is only available as a desktop application.

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