Initial Connection to Roon Nucleus

I have a Nucleus that I have bought though Benjamin @ Mojo Audio.
I also have a MacBook Pro 2012 9,2 running 10.14.4.
I downloaded Roon.dmg in 2016 which I used to run my Mac Mini that was running as the core.
Nucleus is connected to my router.
When I open Roon on my MacBook Pro, I get the famous quote & then nothing. I then get a message that Roon quit unexpectedly.
Do I need to download a different version of Roon for my MacBook Pro or is it not compatible & needs to be run off a Mac tablet?
Keith Gray

Your Roon version from 2016 is definitely behind the times.

Put on the latest version as well as the newest Remotes and any RoonBridges you may be using.

Hi @Keith_Gray,

As Slim suggested, can you try updating Nucleus and let us know if there’s any change?

If I need to update the version of Roon that I currently have on my MacBook Pro, do I need to uninstall what I already have loaded & then which Roon download am I doing? I assume that I am downloading Roon remote. There is no mention of Nucleus on the downloads page.

Is my MacBook Pro compatible?

Hi @Keith_Gray,

Can you confirm that both the Nucleus and MacBook Pro are on the latest versions? You can find this by going to Settings | About in Roon.

Do you see this same behavior with other remotes?