Initial installation of Nucleus - Roon Server Not Running

  1. On MacOS - iMac I have installed a ROON license on the account for a long time:
  2. I plugged in the new Nucleus serial number 54B203133B6B, connected to the obtained IP address and run the clean Operating System - Reinstall (that was a big mistake)
  3. got the error message Roon Server Missing Codes
  4. according to the instructions at I got ffmpeg-git-i686-static.tar.xz from https:/ /, unzipped and uploaded the ffmppef file to the codes directory
  5. Reboot started and the message Roon Server Not Running
  6. None of the advice from helped me and I repeated the various recommended ways umpteen times
  7. Nucleus is currently not visible on the network because Roon Server is not running
  8. Please help me.

P.S.I’m a big fan of Roon but as a new owner of Nucleus I’m very disgusted how the SWs are not tuned.

The Nucleus should come with the codecs included. Them being absent, even after a reinstall, often points to a hardware failure (SSD being the usual culprit).

That said, if you copied over the codecs, and you still don’t see them, you probably did it incorrectly. Can you take a screenshot of the Codecs folder on the Nucleus?

Edit: I see you’ve downloaded the i686 version. The docs clearly state you should get the amd64 package, even adding a direct download link for it. Try that instead

  1. I didn’t put any SSD in the Nucleus (is this a condition?), and I assume that it is internal for the OS
  2. of course I first installed the ffmpeg file from ffmpeg-git-amd64-static.tar.xz file ffmpeg (specs is Nucleus Intel i7)
  3. reboot, Roon Server Software RUN, …Not Running
  4. Roon Server is missing from the directory, its OK?
  5. what next?

I have a new Nucleus - doesnt function.
Can anyone from Roon support help me?

Did you purchase the Nucleus from a dealer or from Roon directly? If from a dealer, that would be the first support call to make. If from Roon, we may be able to help get some attention from support.

I purchased Nucleus from the dealer.

Return it to the dealer - the fact that there is no RoonServer folder showing in the Data directory indicates that the Nucleus definitely has a problem. See this thread for a similar report:


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