Initial set up is very slow is this correct?

I’ve just started a 14 day trial, just setting the software up on a dell Latitude 5490 which will be the core of my system. It’s an I5 (8th gen) running W11 with 16gb of RAM.

The initial set up of the library is very slow attached picture shows progress after about 10 hours. it’s not stalled it is slowly crunching through the tracks but it’s very slow it’ll take about 4-5 days at the current rate. Is this expected behaviour?

If this is normal I’ll just leave it working away for a few days but seems it should be abit quicker.

(Side question/note, I also have a DS720+ Synology NAS which is where all my music is could that be part of the issue? would I be better off setting the core up on that? Media Monkey can generate a library from the 20k tracks on there in about 10 minutes although I’m guessing it’s a little more basic than what is going on here.)

Networked storage will have an impact and be slower than local disks. How big is your library as this is the biggest factor ? Roon does fetch a lot of metadata so is reliant on a good internet connect and will also be analysing each file to make waveforms. Media Monkey just reads local file tags it’s doing no lookups for artwork, bios and linking your artists. Analysis You can set tas a lower priority in the library settings to do in background when it’s not in use but building the library takes time Roon does give you a lot of info.

You are right in that the Audio Analysis phase does take a long time as it’s very CPU and I/O intensive.
However, I believe Roon is still in the adding tracks (filesystem scan, metadata extraction etc.) phase which shouldn’t be taking this long.

Tagging @support to take a look as this is the second instance I’ve seen in the last 24 hours.

That said Networked storage will still have an impact and be slower than local disks for all stages of the import process (and even more so if any of the devices are on WiFi).

Are you wired or wireless connected?

Also are you using an ssd for the boot drive on the laptop?

The boot drive is an SSD, yes. I left it this morning and went to work and when retuning home it seems to have completed the initial upload so now all my music is available and it’s doing it’s thing in the background to index it all.

Wont do the NAS thing as the laptop it’s running from is spare so I can leave it working away in a back room somewhere.

It’s wired or WiFi 6 so should be OK.

Library is ~20k tracks so far Roon seems quite happy with it but my IDtags are a real mess. I need to find an easy way to sort them!

Thanks for the tips guys, this thing looks just the ticket.

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