Innuos 2.0 Roon killer?

Yeah, you’d think that was roon if not paying attention. I guess all these hardware vendors are trying to have their own product and not rely on roon. Kind of makes sense to have a complete package.

2018 to 2021 still not here - now the client is Android and ios only, web dropped.

Innuos’ business model is based on hardware. I understand developing better software, with great integration on their devices, to help to sell their hardware. If that is what they are doing, I don’t see it as a Roon killer.


The real question is, Do they have a Forum like this that we can all complain to about all the problems and issues they surely must have :slight_smile:


At least they skipped 1.8 and went straight to 2.0 :smiling_imp:

Bit hardware constrained for me , also I rip virtually nothing these days so the CD part would be a waste

It does look like they have a way of getting around Amazon and Spotify integration, obviously less data demands than Roon

Still think a NUC SSD solution looks favorite , more flexible just in case

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I think Roon is and has been aware of innuOS.

If it remains as easy to skip between Roon and Innuos 2.0 it will certainly be interesting to try the UX and sound quality out.

The addition of other streaming platforms (if well executed) would be a big plus point but when it happens in the 2.0 release cycle isn’t totally clear.

The integration of endpoints seems like it might be a way off but that would close the feature gap on Roon.

A potential Roon competitor, probably, but then that might be good for customer choice and I say that as a Roon Lifer and ZENith MK3 owner.


It seems to me it does an awful lot less than Roon does.


For those of us who own an innuos, I do and I’m in the lucky situation off using it as a server for ROON, whilst ripping my CD library, this now offers some all new options.
Im intrigued and until I see more I would not write it off, after all its free to me.


This is the same Innuos that sells the £2499 “audiophile” network switch? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Sure is. Goes with their similarly priced USB to USB converter. Or “reclocker”, which is a strange concept for asynchronous USB, but then what do I know. I find sitting on five grands worth of bank notes brings my head to just the right height for my speakers.


Snakiest of distilled essential oil of snake…


Accurate, unfortunately. The material published so far is a roadmap, and probably written to ward off the “vaporware” impression. I’ve been waiting over a year for proper Tidal integration and it looks like it’s postponed into the indefinite future, which will leave the impossibly buggy Roon experimental mode as the only worthwhile access to Tidal Masters. My ownership of Innuos is now done with.
Roon has discovery and radio, and has an innovative and experienced team. Innuos puts more work into reducing electronic noise, thus better SQ, but it’s useless without working software.

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Interesting link. Still do not know why Roon should be worried? Several systems can exist.

In any case, whatever the possibilities, I’m not spending 11K€ on an enhanced PC.

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You don’t need to spend that much the Zen mini is under £900 the mkii even less if you find one second hand and will run the same software , much cheaper than Roon and the Nucleus.


Interesting, I had missed this so appreciate the post. “Killer” it certainly is not. Any company that is giving away software with a hardware purchase will never be a “Roon killer”. That company is simply not starting with a proper mindset to eclipse the capabilities of Roon and this includes PS Audio’s Octave products.

Competitor? Absolutely! There have been plenty of turnkey boxes in the back corners of hifi shops ready to take fat-wallet customers into the digital age. This is the best example of a next-generation of that model I’ve seen. People want turnkey. Set a box down, open the app, play my music.

Roon, as an ecosystem, is much larger than that hardware model. This gives Roon an advantage the hardware companies fail to understand. Will it eat into Nucleus sales? Probably. Will it eat into overall license sales for Roon? Probably not. The customer base of makers and tinkerers is growing. The turnkey customer base walking into hifi shops is shrinking*. If you were starting a business today what customer base would you cater to?

*Based solely on my personal observation of the world and no real research.


Innuous has at least selected the font styles that match.


There is so much wrong with “this is the next xxx killer” especially when it still has to be released. At this point the approach has all the ingredients of “vaporware”. Let’s evaluate this when they come out with something usable.

Preferably way below their actual prices. Never mind the cash you have available, that much money for a music server is ridiculous…

I have chosen Roon purely for pragmatic reasons: it currently represents the best combination of sound quality, convenience and value for money on the market. But when the day arrives that an equivalent product that can also manage classical music properly (rather than as some sort of fringe activity carried out by well-meaning cranks) becomes available; well that is the day that I will change allegiance.

From my perspective, and I’ve waited patiently for over 3 years, Roon still fails to master basic principles of data management. For example, it doesn’t appear to offer simple set selection rules (e.g. an OR option in the filter instead of the default AND), needlessly drops key function (such as edit) just because I change the orientation of my tablet, doesn’t allow me to add my own hyperlinks (e.g. to libretti), doesn’t let me add my own reviews (what do I care about an uncredited review by someone almost always from across the other side of the Pond), and remains frankly clueless in terms of metadata and credits management for classical music.

So, if MusiChi say were to turn professional then you wouldn’t see me for dust. I don’t care a hoot for the ‘discovery’ concept or other fatuous, bloated marketing ruses. I just want an efficient means of managing and accessing (not curating) my digital music. I would even pay a premium for a Roon Classical product, if that was what it took.

But for now I’ll remain what the marketing Larrys call a dissatisfied customer.


If you want those things, make them known to the Roon team. Services like Roon are looking for ways to attract customers by enhancing the UX, and they are competing with other services in the process.