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Note, that while many Innuos products have the option to run as a Roon Audio Endpoint or a Roon Core, there are some caveats that you should consider:

  1. As an audio endpoint, these products are not Roon Ready or Roon Tested. We do not have any of these devices in-house and are unable to provide support for them.

  2. As a Core, these products do not meet our minimum requirements, which means that you may encounter performance problems, not limited to slowness and audio dropouts. We have made this clear to Innuos from the first day they approached us (years ago). Their feeling is that for some smaller library sizes, this may be acceptable, and if not, users would switch off the Core functionality and just use their products as audio endpoints. Be aware of this when purchasing Innuos products for use as a Roon Core.

  3. Roon Labs does not support these products, so your first destination for support on these products should be Innuos. As always, general issues with the Roon software should come to our #support category.

Hi what’s your current position on Innuos compared to above? thanks!

Hi, in light of uncertified devices statement, could please confirm/clarify that Innuos does fall into the uncertified category and will not work after Sept 21st.

Many thanks

Whaaaaat???!!! Where did you here this Graham? Ah just saw the post from Danny the COO.

The roon settings page under the audio tab does not show the pink “uncertified” label for the squeezelite player (Roon experimental mode) so I’d hope it means that Innuos have seen to certification? Any knowledge to the contrary, please post. Sept 21 is coming up so we’ll know shortly.

99% of Innuos owners use Roon in some form so Innuos would be crippled w/o it.

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I just emailed to Innuos support!
I hope after 21st… nothing will changed for us. I’ll write here when there will be news.


Here what Roon support writes me back today, I hope it will help:

There is much confusion about what Roon Core, Roon Ready and Roon Tested really is:

1. Roon Core - this is a partnership for devices that can act as a Roon Core so they can both act as an endpoint and serve other endpoints.
2. Roon Ready - This is a certification for endpoint devices - streamers that normally do not have storage and cannot run as Roon Core.
3. Roon Tested - This is a certification for devices such as DACs that can connect to either a Roon Core or a Roon Ready endpoint

You can read a full description from Roon here.

The current announcement from Roon applies only to Roon Ready devices and regards manufacturers who have initiated a Roon Ready certification process, where they have received SDKs and have unfinished code but are already selling their devices and market them as Roon Ready. You can see the full announcement here.

This is not the case for Innuos. Our devices are Roon Core servers and although they can work as an endpoint, Roon Ready certification doesn’t really apply to our product. Currently, Roon only lists partners on their website for Roon Ready and Roon Tested devices. Innuos is a Roon Core partner and, as such, Innuos will not show there.

We hope this clarifies your question."

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I got the same response from Innuos as shown by Lucaa_d.N . It makes sense if there is such a thing as Roon Core Partners but I don’t see any mention of that on the new website. It would be good to hear from Roon that there is such a thing as Roon Core partners and that since the original post here (from danny in Aug 19) that Roon Labs have been checking out Innuos. I agree with the point above that without Roon Innuos would be crippled but aside from that I want my system to work optimally.


Hi thanks for this post. My zenith runs perfectly since I made it a Roon core and endpoint. I wish Innuos and Roon would increase the clarity on both their websites, it is still a bit confusing for newcomers. I still don’t understand why Innuos say:

I only purchased mine when my audiophile dealer told me all would be ok not because of the Innuos website. It’s almost as if Innuos wish to stay agnostic to Roon?


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I’m probably wrong but, a lot of things will come out of the (presumed) darkness when the Innuos application gets light.
(It has been a long time since v.2 was announced and still today Innuos “works” -without Roon- only with “Squeeze”!)

You mean their own Roon-like app?

Yes. Actually, INNUOS, runs (if you have not installed ROON) with iPeng (for iOS/Apple devices) and/or an old APP with Android, something still releated to “Squeezebox”.
You can also use the Web (add :9000 at the end of the address with your browser) to control Zen/Zenith.
There is no INNUOS APP at the moment and they announced so many times the “upcoming” 2.0 firmware update with their APP but… till today, nothing.