About the Innuos category

Discussion for Innuos’ products resides in this category.

Note, that while many Innuos products have the option to run as a Roon Audio Endpoint or a Roon Core, there are some caveats that you should consider:

  1. As an audio endpoint, these products are not Roon Ready or Roon Tested. We do not have any of these devices in-house and are unable to provide support for them.

  2. As a Core, these products do not meet our minimum requirements, which means that you may encounter performance problems not limited to slowness, database corruption, and audio dropouts. We have made this clear to Innuos from the first day they approached us (years ago). Their feeling is that for some smaller library sizes, this may be acceptable, and if not, users would switch off the Core functionality and just use their products as audio endpoints. Be aware of this when purchasing Innuos products for use as a Roon Core.

  3. Roon Labs does not support these products, so your first destination for support on these products should be Innuos. As always, general issues with the Roon software should come to our #support category.