Roon 1.8 (build 778) Feedback

Well the album title font does not have to be 40 points, the album title could linebreak earlier (it even does in my example for no reason at all :slight_smile: ), and the version could become a part of this table

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Hello guys, I love Roon and I was happy with the latest release till recently. Now I have the app (on windows/iPad/iPhone) crashing constantly. Search is very slow also.

Everything is connected via cable (iPhone and iPad excluded, obviously).

No changes in the infrastructure, only software updates.


Thanks guys!

The search issues have become a real problem. I just had one search time out completely and then take 15 seconds when re-run, and there is a whole my too thread dedicated to it.
Not sure why you would suddenly be getting crashes. It might be worth shutting down the whole network from the router back and then working back up based on what needs to be running and seeing how that goes.


Thanks Michael, I can’t tell why but every 3 minutes or less I get a crash. I restarted my network/server/apps… no improvements…

Is your Core also on the same PC/Mac?
So does it crash if you use a mobile phone or tablet as the controller.
If you use Task manager or it’s like can you see heavy CPU or memory usage.
Just trying to point you in the right direction until someone from @support can respond

And that’s really appreciated. Apparently it’s not rare, I found another thread with many people with the same issue.
Maybe it’s hardware (Mac in my case) related.
My core is a MacBook Air (intel) used only as a server. I don’t see strange behaviors but I will investigate further. Thanks mate, I hope to be able to share better news soon…

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I dealt with a similar issue a month ago. So to be clear, you have your core and server on that 2012 MacBook Air? What are you using as a remote to control everything? Are you using another Mac or an iPad, etc…? And does the crash occur if you are using a different remote? Basically, what fixes my issue on my iMac was having Roon create new files it needs but I had to move some old Roon files first so new ones get written

Hey, I do have a MacBook Air 2012 as server, yes. As remote I used alternatively iPhone, iPad or a windows laptop. iPhone and iPad are keep crushing. The laptop seems to be a little more stable.

What do you mean about new files? Which files are you referring to?

I dont know what you have tried yet so forgive me if my first suggestions sound dumb or obvious :grin: The first thing I would do is sign out of the iPhone and iPad remotes, delete the Roon apps on both of them, then reinstall the Roon apps and sign back in. I would try that first and see if it helps at all.

If it doesn’t then you may have to reinstall the Ronn core and Roon server on the MacBook Air (after backing up your Roon library). This is where I was talking about new files. You need to delete or move some Roon related files because re-installing Roon Core and Roon Server won’t overwrite them. Same as if you try to reinstall the Roon app on your windows computer. We can go there later if you need to. But for now try erasing and re-installing the iPad and iPhone apps and see if that changes anything.

Ah okay, clear.

On the remotes I have already tried everything.
On the server I wished not to remove and re-install because since I did not change anything I figured it could be an issue on the update.

I will monitor the situation for a while… let’s see if the support has some insights. It will be a vinyl Sunday​:grinning::+1: (which is also fun!)

Thanks! Cheers

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Hey @Enrico_Parzani1,

Thanks for sharing the issue you were running into - we’d love to help. It’s amazing to see that you still see the good in your Sunday - vinyl. I hope it was a beautiful experience!

So we can best help, could you please use the guide below to create a post for our technicians?

Thanks in advance :pray:

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Ciao Rebeka, I will do. Apologies for the wildness :joy:


The Focus is now much! more confusing, you have to move to the right etc etc, 8 it

Main Focus is now: COLOR and the design really sucks more and more I use it…Windows Vista is here!!!

Roon has been very difficult for me to use over the last month or so. If I use my mac as a remote I can tap the button to play music and it just stalls and after 10 seconds it may play . This happens all over my house . I have gigabit speeds and no other software does this.

The Roon app on the iphone still crashes off and on and is slow in bringing up things you want to play.

My Innuos Zen Mini has gone into initialization failed mode several times since the advent of 1.8 . It never did this before 1.8 It did it twice today before i updated the Roon software.

The sluggishness and hanging has nothing to do with my wifi .

The Zen mini doesn’t meet our minimum requirements, so it’s not too surprising that things have been sluggish for you (especially if you have a sizable collection). Have you tried using your Mac as a core instead?

Closing this thread down. Please post your feedback on Roon 1.8 Build 790 in this thread.

Version 1.8 (build 778) - last available version

Description Of Issue

I enjoy a lot your new interface but I’m still struggling with some issues or strange behaviour compared to version 1.7…

  • When searching for an Artist, I get the albums from that Artist but not the compilation albums/tracks where the Artist appears
  • What now is called ‘Popular’ is mainly (only) showing tracks/albums on Tidal and not from my own library eventhough I tagged some tracks with a heart in my own library
  • When looking from an Artist, I get all the albums in my library and when I select one and then return I miss albums from the view. To get them all back I need to search again for the artist and then all albums appear again