Innuos Pulse range

Still not seeing the Pulse range in the Roon Ready list. I thought it was supposed be Roon Ready at launch?

I see a lot of people running Core on Innuos servers, though that’s not officially supported is it?

No core is not supported and it uses Roon bridge or Squeezelite not Roon ready. I imagine this is the same no? They don’t mention Roon Ready at all on their website.

– On Endpoint Mode, the PULSE Network Players connect to a main Music Server, be it an Innuos Music Server, Roon Core, HQ Player or any Logitech Media Server based server. The PULSE will then show as a zone on the respective music server app and you will use that app to browse and play music on the Pulse Network Players.

I clearly read too much into their comments. So, like the servers, it’s a ‘work around’, with no official Roon support.

Roon Bridge is official and supported, it just doesnt need certifying. Only Roon Ready does which uses a different path and is more integrated into the deivce rather than run as a service. These are just PC’s really with thier own flavour of OS running them.

So if you run into trouble with Roon on an Innuos device, Roon will officially support you? I thought I’d read that Roon did not support Innuos servers.

As a Roon core they dont officially as they are underpowered, but many users have been given support. As a bridge for streaming they will give support for that its their software player and doesnt need a high spec machine for it. The Pulse are more designed as streamer as they dont include storage like the servers. but can run as them in a limited capacity over network shares they dont offer Roon core on it as far as I know not sure if they even include Roon Bridge this time either might be Squeezebox only which is Squeezelite and not officially supported. I could be wrong and they do include bridge but dont know anyone who has one. I suggest you ask Innuos.

Thanks. Sounds potentially complicated so I will look elsewhere and stick with Roon Ready. There has to be a reason that they don’t want to submit them for certification. As far as I know, deliveries have been delayed.

They may well by adding in Roon Ready but nothings been said, so who knows. But as they try and keep network polling to a minimum as it affects SQ they believe on their systems they might not want it as an always on thing that may affect their own playback software, they are a small team to so keeps RnD down using Roon Bridge as its just an app that can be run or not.

My dealer has said it will use Roon Bridge which, if so, has possibilities.

My understanding from the Sales Manager of Innuos UK when I bought an Innuos Zen Mk3 in February 2019 is that the Innuos products will never be Roon certified because the processor (NC4200) is not up to Roon’s minimum spec of i3. Innuos use that chip because it is a lot quieter (in terms of electrical noise) than the i3, let alone i7. Innuos told me that if I want to do lots of DSP in multiple zones at the same time, buy a Roon Nucleus. As we do not use any DSP, and we only have 3 or 4 zones maximum active at one time, got the Innuos.

I no longer use the Innuos for Roon, I use the Innuos Sense player by usb to Devialet Expert (it also works via Sense’s uPnP, but I have that switched off). I can send wirelessly using Roon to Devialet Expert, which is Roon Ready, bypassing the Innuos entirely. My Roon Core is on another machine and serves music to the rest of the house. It pulls stored files from the Innuos when needed.

I cannot access the Roon Core installed on my Innuos Zen and have no idea what version it is now. I’m not bothered.

My hunch is that quite a lot of Innuos users will drift away from Roon, especially with the new Pulse devices. Innuos Sense was released early with a long list of unimplemented features, Sense 2.2 was the first major new feature update, there will certainly be more.