Innuos ZEN MK3 as Roon Core with Squeezelite Player/ DAC not found

As you can see in the screenshoot, the DAC is visible in Roon but is not recognized.
There is no problem with Roon as a Player or Core.
Thanks for your help

Does the behaviour change if you set the machine to be a conventional Core and not the experimental option?

Hi Henry
Sorry I Forgotten this Thread …

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No problem, glad you got it resolved! :slightly_smiling_face:

The only two devices shown as “connected to core” are my Innuos Zen Mini 3 on which the Roon core sits and my Chord Qutest which the Zen Mini feeds via USB. Should I disable both of these to enable Squeezelite?

You shouldn’t need to. Get Squeezelite running and enable SB mode in Roon.