Install remote ONLY on windows

How can I install ONLY the roon remote control app on windows without installing the core and bridge?

There’s only one download here for Windows with the remote control program, but it also includes the other components that I don’t want to install, and the install package does not allow the core to be excluded from the install.

\ - Eric


Roon doesn’t necessarily mean Core. It can run simply as a Control point, i.e. Remote.

When you put Roon on your WIN10 machine don’t authorize it as a Core.

Although you don’t want to run as Output, Roon can run that way, so one would never have both Roon and Bridge on the same machine.

Hi @ezman,

You can’t, all three components are installed. However, the Core [within the full Roon Build] is only active if required [not already running Roon Server on the machine] and once authorised.

If this is important to you, I’d suggest creating a feature request… include an explanation of the use case and it’s benefits.

Hello @ezman, and thanks for your question! Go ahead with the available download, but choose to connect to your existing core rather than designating this machine as the core. Please let me know if you have further questions.

Thanks, @nuwriy and @xxx for your helpful intentions. Please check out the related feature request I made with the reasons why I think it is desirable to have the option to install ONLY the remote under windows.

I use my laptop as my main Roon control device. I installed the full blown Roon core software. No reason not to IMHO.

I just posted an additional problem with this on the feature request thread.

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