Install Roon Bridge on Fedora Linux 37 (Workstation Edition) on x64

I had already played around with Roon Bridge on my (Ethernet wired) Raspberry Pi 3B+ connected to a DacMagic 200M 2.0 But I couldn’t get rid of occasional clicks and dropouts, especially with High Res Audio.

So, after being astonished at what a Raspberry Pi 4 costs in these days of short supply, I repurposed a low power fanless MEDION AKOYA E2292 (MD 62860 - Intel Pentium Silver N5000 CPU with 4GB RAM and 256GB M.2 SSD and wired Ethernet dongle added) Win11 laptop to be the Roon Bridge. And all was working perfectly until my DacMagic based speaker disappeared from Roon after the laptop was restarted automatically to install a large Windows update which needed user intervention to complete the update.

I wondered if I can avoid this situation by moving to Linux?

And, as I had had good experience previously with the Roon Bridge installer for the Raspberry Pi, I thought I would try Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) on the laptop. But the Easy Installation script referred to at failed. I messed around with it for a couple of hours and cannot now remember precisely what the error message was. I think it was a “file not found” which, after some hacking around, I concluded was due to the curl command in this part of not working, despite the $PACKAGE_FILE, $PACKAGE_URL and $TMPDIR looking to be fine…

echo ""
echo ""

Anyhow, not wanting to give up… I decided to try to get the Roon Bridge working on Fedora Linux 37 (Workstation Edition) (x64).

The installation script worked - almost!

The RoonBridge software ended up in /opt - yay!

And the systemd service file was created correctly (/etc/systemd/system/roonbridge.service) - another yay!

But the Roon Bridge wasn’t starting on boot.

The command “systemctl status roonbridge” revealed what looked to be file not found due to permissions.

This post by Profile - mysticalgator - Roon Labs Community in In case this helps someone: installing roon on fedora 34 - #2 by Kentaga_Kartadinata suggested that the problem might be related to SELinix rights/permissions problems.

I typed this command:

sudo restorecon -rv /opt/RoonBridge

… and after rebooting, all was good!

I hope this helps someone save a little time.

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Most likely, you’re using the Snap version of CURL.

Try again after…

sudo snap remove curl
sudo apt update && sudo apt install curl --yes

Regarding Fedora, this is how got around the issue with installing under /opt, but your solution is better.

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Yes, thanks for that tip, I think I had installed the snap version of curl onto Ubuntu in order to grab the installer because “$ curl -O” had come back with something like “curl: command not found”.

Unfortunately, Ubuntu prompts with snap install curl if it’s not found. However, the Snap version is confined to certain folders, which is why you get an error. Using classic mode doesn’t resolve this either.

sorry for gravedigging,
@James_Munro does your bridge have exclusive audio or can you use fedora audio from other programs in parallel to the roon bridge?

Sorry but I don’t remember. And I move this to Ubuntu in the meantime.