Install roon on second windows pc(tablet surface 4 pro)

can I install Roon on my tablet as well?
To become a Roon core tablet when I go to the delegation?
If it is not possible then what happens when the computer that is core breaks down and I bought the license for life. Do I buy again?
Now I kept trying to install on the Roon tablet BUT I COULD NOT DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM [PC THAT IS ROON CORE IS CLOSED

You can have roon on as many devices as you like but only one can be up and running as a server at the same time.
What is the exact problem you are having?

the problem is that I could not download the program on tablets, I click on the download and nothing happens. Everything tells me to try for free, when I connect with my data it took me to my account. When I clicked again on the main page I was not logged in and and try free appears. I had to take the installation kit on a USB stick that was left in the downloads and put it on the tablet [same w10 x64]. That’s how I managed to install it. I think you have some problems on the site.

I ran a Windows tablet as a remote for several years

You download the standard Roon install, as you install it you will be asked if this a core or a remote, if I remember rightly, you select Remote an then it will go looking for your Core on the network

Should you wish to use the tablet as the core then you deauthorise your current core and reauthorise the new core. Your license allows only one Core at a time

Hi @Marius_Lascu,

What browser were you using to try to download the app? We are looking into this. Thanks!

Google Chrome

Thanks for confirming, @Marius_Lascu. Our team has identified an issue and is working to resolve it ASAP.

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