Install Roon server on linux(ubuntu)

I;ve got to the point where I am running the install script but it is ending saying :
“The RoonServer installer did not complete successfully”

not sure where to go next

I have taken the liberty to edit your topic title from “room server” to “Roon server”


As for the issue, was there not an error message preceding the final one that you quoted? What you quoted is too generic. Please post the full output.

Downloading RoonServer_linuxx64.tar.bz2 to /tmp/tmp.TKjelpnNeK/RoonServer_linuxx64.tar.bz2

Warning: Failed to open the file
Warning: /tmp/tmp.TKjelpnNeK/RoonServer_linuxx64.tar.bz2: No such file or
Warning: directory
curl: (23) Failure writing output to destination

The RoonServer installer did not complete successfully.

If you are not sure how to proceed, please check out:

  • Did you start the installation with “sudo” as per installation documentation?
  • This sounds like a possible permission problem. Do you know how to check the permissions of the /temp directory? If yes, post them. If not, let me know

Or maybe this will help, either the post about the permission thing or maybe the curl installation as per the last post:

Open the console or ssh to the server, and use these commands.

cd ~
sudo apt update
sudo apt install ffmpeg cifs-utils curl --yes
curl -O
chmod +x
sudo ./
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succes :slight_smile: I think reinstalling curl might have done it :slight_smile: thank you v much.

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