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Roon Core Machine

NUC 513 RYH, 240 GB M2 SSD.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

My network is not so easy, cable network internet comes in on a Zyxel router, then on my Asus router configured as a switch, and then through my TP-link gigabit switch to my computers.

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Description of Issue

Hi, I want to install Roon on my NUC, I prepared a 1 GB Flashdrive, then I reset my NUC BIOS to default and adapted the values.

I then restarted the NUC booting from the Flashdrive.
It repeatedly tells me: There was a critical failure during Installation.

Any suggestions?

Kind regards,
Hans Volkers

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Your M2 SSD isn’t a NVMe version, is it? Because, if I recall correctly, these aren’t supported by the 5th generation NUCs.

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I do know, but I guess so. Is that the problem?
But then I need to update my NUC, otherwise I only move the problem, I guess. That means for now I better start with Windows or on my MacBook pro. Ok, I react back if I run into another problem. Thanks for now!

I meant, I do not know. Sorry, autocorrect is a disaster…

Looks like they are, according to the spec.

Or, are you saying that Roon OS has problems booting from NVMe on this model of NUC?

Ah, yes, you are correct - the Intel Compatability Tool for the NUC5i3RYH does list NVMe SSDs as compatible. Must be earlier gens of the Intel NUCs that lacked this support. Sorry about that.

Perhaps @Hans_Volkers could try reflashing the USB installation stick?

Hi Geoff,
I have tried reflashing appr seven times now, I give up. I am instelling it now on my Macbook pro (ssd boot), New Rock can come later…

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