Installation on Manjaro

Hi, I first installed Roonserver on my windows PC and everything worked fine. Then i installed Manjaro on a second partition, which works. Then i downloaded Roonserver from the AUR packetsource, which worked but then it doesn’t appear in Manjaro. Do i have to deinstall it from windows first or what do I do wrong? (Roon core is still on the other partion on windows? Sorry, I’m kind of a newbee.

Hello, Roon Server does not have a GUI on Linux. Only on Windows/Mac.
There is options such as a web ui extension.

You will need a Windows or Mac running Run as a client to connect to your linux core so you can configure it.

You can also use Wine to run the Roon GUI on Linux:

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I just actually finish doing this for testing. I got a new Linux laptop (Dell XPS) and I dont mind blowing it up if wine starts to act up. So far so good.