Installation Roon Server on Mac Mini


I have downloaded Roon Server on 2019-02-19.
My mac mini was made in mid 2011
OS High Sierra , Version 10.13.6
2. 3 hz, Intell Core i5, 8Gb memory, SSD Boot Drive.
Wi-Fi connection to the Internet!
Mac Mini connected via USB to external Hard drive and Wyred 4 Sound DAC
I followed all instructions and went through “Installation Errors on OSX” topic.
In Application folder when I click or use OPEN command on - nothing happening.
What is wrong?

Thank you for your help

If you download and installed Roon Server, there is no GUI. You should see a Roon icon at the top right of the desktop, showing that it’s running.

If you determine it’s running, you now want to install Roon. When you run it, you want to run it as a Remote and it will connect to the Roon Server.

You can then complete the setup process.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

Thank you Greg,

I can see Roon Server is running!
I will install Roon on my Microsoft desktop as a Remote to connect to MacMini Server

Glad it’s running.

You can also install Roon on the server, if you want. When you install and run Roon, just run as a Remote when it asks.

Cheers, Greg

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