Installed but No Sound


I have just installed Roon and signed up with Tidal. When I play one of my albums, or one of the Tidal ones, no sound comes. The marker shows that the track is progressing. There are some little graph graphics bobbing up and down. The volume is set at 100%. Itunes plays fine. I have rebooted since installation. What do I do?


What audio output are you using in Roon?
On the bottom right you can select from available devices.
You can enavble\disable devices under settings\audio.

There are five zones. It was playing through “Default System Output”. I have renamed the zones to whatever the description says they are. They are: Pono, Default System Output, HDMI, Speakers, and VIA. None of them work.

I have been looking through Windows. There is a Volume Mixer. the Volumes for iTunes, Roon, System Sounds and Speakers are all set at maxiumum. There is a green bar bobbing up and down in the Roon slider, but no sound audible. As I have said, I have system sounds, and I have iTunes works normally when it is on.

The Sound dialogue box has a green tick beside the Speakers, 3-USB Audio CODEC picture.

Hey @APenNameAndThatA, sorry for trouble here. So you’re playing to your system output, and a few other zones you’ve configured, and you’re not getting output on any of them?

Are any other applications open? In the Windows Mixer, you’re seeing volume from Roon in the mixer – what about the main device output? Seeing signal there? Nothing muted?

Would you mind going into Settings > Audio and clicking the little gear next to one of the zones that’s not playing. Just post a screenshot like the one here and we’ll figure out what’s going on here.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble!


Nothing is muted. The system sound is set to a normal level. iTunes was not running at the same time as Roon.


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Hmm ok @APenNameAndThatA – very strange.

Can you confirm that when you’re playing Roon, you’re seeing “signal” (the green moving line) in both the Roon column, and the Device column? Like this:

Would you also let me whatever info you know from the Setup and Output sections here?

Thanks and sorry for the trouble. Looking forward to getting this worked out for you soon!

When I bring up the Volume Mixer, only the Device and Applications things come up. There are not green moving signal lines on eigher of them.

When I play iTunes, there is no green column in either the Device Slider or the Applications Slider. The music plays normally if both the sliders are set on zero, too. But I put them both at 100% and leave them there.

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