Installer required for London area

Hi Rooners,

I am interested in a multi-room setup and I think Roon fits my requirements.
The problem is that I am a clumsy old fool who doesn’t know the first thing about computers.

My question is, do you have an army of installation engineers who fly around the world installing systems? I am located in the London, UK area, so I would be interested in talking to someone locally.

I do NOT want to do any installation myself. I honestly can’t deal with anything so technical.
I do, however, consider a professional installation something I would be willing to pay for.

Can you help to put me in contact with someone who can?

Kind regards,

Daniel Sidi

I’ve moved this post to Support for others to see easily.

Roon don’t have installation teams but it might be worth looking at Henley Audio. As far as I know, they’re the authorised distributor in the UK.

I don’t have any experience of what their dealers can and can’t offer, but it’s a start. Others may be able to comment from personal experience.


Hi SukieInTheGraveyard,

Many thanks for your message and for moving the message.

I’ll get in touch with Henley Audio.

Best regards,



I understand your concerns about the technical issues regarding Roon. However, I also know that a certain level of expertise is often required to keep your system operational. I recommend you follow and take notes during the installation so you can troubleshoot when needed.

Yes, it seems complicated, but you can learn the basics. And that will help you enjoy the Roon experience even more. My own experience taught me that most, if not all, of my problems with Roon are “User Error” that can be fixed with a relatively small effort averting a call out to a technician.

Good luck and happy listening!



Thank you Mike,

I understand that Roon is not a ‘turnkey’ solution, but I can see that with some
entrepreneurial spirit, a person with the technical know-how could make decent money
installing systems for those of us without the desire to learn about the technical ins and out.

I have browsed these discussions and it’s amazing how quickly the messages descend into
very technical comparions of codecs, bit depth, file formats, power standards, connector types,
etc etc etc…
I do not care about that side of the system, neither do I have any desire to know even the smallest aspect. My level of engagement is that of ‘end user’, the listener.

If there is someone on here who is willing to set up a system for me, please get in touch!
I have some nice speakers, which I want to keep. Other than that, everything else is up for renewal.

Waiting in hope,


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My 2p.

  1. A stereo shop will probably not do a standalone install, i.e. you’ll have to buy something from them and for Roon, probably a Nucleus.
  2. Many stereo shops will sell you a Nucleus, but are completely ignorant to the finer points of getting Roon working.
  3. No matter how good the install is, there will be occasions where your Roon will not work, so make sure you can get in house help after the install.

Maybe joining a local HiFi club could be an answer, or get your 13 year old relative to install it for you.

What could go wrong?

Doubtful. Roon just doesn’t have that big a presence, either world wide or in any particular area, and the people that subscribe to Roon can, with a little forum help, usually install it themselves.

Was that more than 2p?


I’d just google the local hi-fi stores (London’s a big town, right? It must have some.) and tell them what you need until you find one that is willing to do the work.

The other thing is, people on this list love to argue. So if you post another post, maybe under “Tinkering”, calling it “Best Hi-Fi Installer in London area?”, you’ll get some opinions.

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Knowing what you mean by multiroom and what sort of equipment you want would help.
I’m in London, but just a user, and can help with general advice to perhaps home what your expectations are.

Thank you for your message.

Great advice. I will call down to the nearest urchin and offer then 2p
to fetch the biggest Roon Nucleus in the shop window.

I still think there is an opportunity here for an installation engineer to do some business
on the back of this system, for those of us who are a bit clueless.

Google will be my friend from here on, I think, for local Hifi specialists and see what they can do.

Thanks all!


Thank you Bill,

I think this is the way forward.

Kind regards


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First maybe invest some time reading, if you haven’t all ready done of course.

Very amusing. Dickens lives on. :laughing:

Just hope you don’t have great expectations.


Try Grahams. They are wonderful. Unfortunately they don’t transact in pre-decimal currency!

Address:Unit 1, Canonbury Yard, 190A New North Road, London, N1 7BSPhone: [+44 20 7226 5500](tel:+44 20 7226 5500)Email: losses.punchy.talked

I’d see if someone like Sevenoaks Sound and Vision does installs for this, or can offer any help.

Possibly someone from the community can help, but they’re not insured or offer any warranty should something go wrong.

In your installer choice, make sure they are able to demonstate computer networks knowledge and experience. And also are willing to support that.
60% or more (my estimate) of problems that need support is related to computer networks.
And , as this forum is the only place to get Roon support, without some technical knowledge you will be on your own.
Roon is a great product, but it is only as good as your network is. Especially in your case as you want to go for a multiroom solution.

My 2 cents.

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Totally agree. Ethernet every time. Wi-Fi for endpoints also unreliable unless the network is resilient.

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