Installing a new SSD in an existing NUC running ROCK

Started with NUC/ROCK connected to NAS, all the problems stated above- watched folders required a Force Rescan each time I added music and occasional slow loading of artwork and access. Switched to internal Samsung 2TB EVO and all of the above are gone. Added benefit was I now have 3 backups for my music files, overkill but very safe! Can’t really say that the SQ changed but I didn’t do any critical comparisons either.

If I was to get a new SSD, I would probably need more than 2tb, probably more like 4tb. I wonder if it makes much difference (if I went for Samsung) if I used PRO, EVO or QVO??

I refer you to this:

Sorry, I am using a Samsung QVO drive in my NUC. Everything I read at the time said there was no difference for listening to music.

Thanks again all for the replies and updates. I will have a read of the thread suggested by @Geoff_Coupe - thank you!

Faster startup when I select something to play, besides the benefit with nearly-instant addition of new music to the library.

I have been thinking about this a bit more over the last few days, especially as I transferred the NUC internals over to a fanless case yesterday and there is space for a SSD. However a 4TB is pretty expensive, and I am trying to weigh up whether it is worth purchasing.

Through luck or a good ethernet network (its probably luck!!), the current system does not really have issues using the Synology NAS, although it could be faster on occasion. I also utilise HQ Player which sits on my desktop PC (as it needs some decent power to run the settings I am interested in), and I wonder whether any advantage I might see coming from having a local SSD would be cancelled out by having to use HQ Player on the desktop which adds in a small delay when pressing play/pause etc?? One to ponder…