Installing cooling fan on Antipodes CX?

Referring to my post #827, does anyone have any experience with adding cooling fans to units?

Just wondering if I could help dispel more heat and help out the Antipodes CX or is adding one a no go?

Anyone have any experience in this department

Not necessarily this one, but something like this?

Noctua fans have good silent operation compared to more generic models…not share what size you might need, or if it even uses a fan.

Cheers. Theres no downside to using one is there? It wouldn’t be detrimental to the CX at all?

Not at all. The cooler the better. Only downside could be the possible noise. You are really making that Antipodes work! My EX would quit under that load. :laughing:.

lol. under PCM the CPU load is very minimal, but Ive found since changing the PSU on my switch DSD and its filters sound better than PCM 384.

DSD128 Sinc M ASDM7EC wacks the CPU load way up to around 75%. Yes it plays back fine but its very hot and the green light flickers!!! Im trying dsd64 now and the load is way down in comparison, typically low 30s but did see it peak at 41. Its still hot and the light did flicker a touch when hitting the 40s.

I know Antipodes suggest keeping the units cool but ive never found either that cool. So, Im wondering if just sitting a fan on top to draw out excess heat would help me here.

I guess a lone EX would just give up as its doing 2 jobs. The CX takes on the huge strain of the server/roon/hqplayer functions.

EDIT - Or perhaps sit a heatsink on top to help out…hmmm interesting

Heat is the biggest killer of electronics so I doubt running it cooler would be disadvantageous just think about the noise that fans will introduce, not just physical noise but also electrical.

Hmm that’s true

I’m looking to see if a heat-sink sitting on top may help.

I’ve made the gap (side by side) a bit bigger between the CX and The EX to see if that helps a bit, other than that, there’s space all around to breath.