Installing Roon on a new computer [Solved]

I want to use a new computer for my Roon playback machine. How do I do that without paying for a new license?

Hi Just install it, and login in to your Roon account; it will then prompt and disable the old installation.

You can of course install Roon as a remote as many times as you like, it’s only the server install (that manages your music lib) that’s limited to one instance per license.

What about transferring the database to the new machine from the old one?


According to the installation guidance, only one server and one remote installation are allowed. I had to disallow one of the installs I had done to allow me to install a new one.



I just let the computer rebuild the database. Took awhile, but not too long.


Hi, can you point me in the direction of those notes … it sounds like they need updating.

That was what happened when I went through the installation of Roon on a new computer today–I was told that only two installs were allowed, and had to turn off one of my existing installs.

I’ve spent quite some time in Roon already editing the metadata (as far as Roon allows) - i.e. combining albums that needed combined, adding the right cover art, editing the version notes, etc. etc. I don’t want to lose all of this by starting afresh with a new database!!

A migration / cloud backup system is the works, I believe. If you need to migrate an existing install to a new/different computer, contact one of the Roonies (@Mike?) – they will be able to assist you moving your install with all of the edits you have made.

AFAIK, the number of remotes connecting to a core is unlimited.

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That is correct, Roon’s Pricing Page states:

1 PC or Mac managing your music library (at a time)
Unlimited remote devices.

@kevin can you double check information presented to the user when performing a [server] install on a new computer.

Hi Vade!

A Roon license can manage one library at a time, so if your home has 15 laptops, they can all run Roon at once, but only one is actually managing the library and functioning as your “Core” – the other 14 laptops run as Remotes, and there’s no formal limit on how many remotes you can run.

If you’re interested in moving your Core to a new machine, and have generated some information in your database you want moved over (such as play history, favorites, playlists, etc) just send me a PM and I can walk you through how to migrate.

Thanks everyone!


This is all moot from my view. However, when I installed Roon on a new computer recently, Roon showed me a message saying I was only authorized to run Room on two computers and would have to disable it from running on one of the two computer where it was currently installed. These are actual observations of what happened, not the theoretical limits of the program.

I am interested in comments from some other users about customizing and modifying Roon’s library. If there were an instruction manual or wiki, that might be a good thing to address.


Hi Mike,

Until some time ago I could use roon to manage the library on two computers just not at the same time, mening that if I didn’t run roon on both simultaneously I could have roon managing each library (the same files, on a NAS).
This was very useful as I could use my laptop to listen in bed with a portable DAC and the main system on my desktop.

Was this a feature that was changed or was a misbehaviour that was corrected?

Now every time I lauch roon on the laptop I’m asked to unauthorize the desktop (and vice versa if I unauthorize the first).

If it didn’t change and is supposed to work as I described, how do I correct this?
What will I miss if I keep alternating the “unauthorizing”?


It sounds to me that you have Roon “Core” installed on two PC.
Unless you need to do this (so you can use Roon on the laptop, with local files, when not connected to your home LAN) then you should uninstall Roon from the laptop, remove the Roon install folder and then start again … making sure that when prompted you install Roon as a remote.
There are instructions on how to do this in the FAQ section of the forum.
Hope this helps.

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I have Roonserver installed on a laptop which I use as my primary music playback machine permanently connected to my hifi. It’s also installed on a desktop which I use for most of my work, and on another laptop which I use as a remote. I sometimes use my desktop computer for local playback since the audio system is in a separate room from my office. The office copy of Roon won’t work unless the Roonserver machine is turned on. I’ve never had a problem before with this arrangement, and as a reviewer, I try a lot of DACs with their individual drivers.

RoonServer or RoonRemote?

I think it’s RoonRemote, since I can use it to control the RoonServer machine by switching to that zone. The RoonServer has the connection specified to the storage location where my music files are stored. When I turn on Roon on my desktop, I get a screen that says Remote Connection. And I’m only allowed to have one RoonServer on my network. However, I can also use Roon on the desktop computer to play to local headphones or speakers–only if the RoonServer computer is turned on.

That’s what I expected, thanks for confirming.

Roon database backup and restore was implemented, so closing this topic.