Installing Roon on an Asustor AS5104T

Roon Core Machine

Asustor AS5304T

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Orbi RBK50, WAC564

Connected Audio Devices

Cocktail Audio X40
Cocktail Audio X45
Sonos ZP90
Google Chromecast

Number of Tracks in Library

20000 tracks

Description of Issue

I have a problem configuring Roon on my new Asustor AS5304T. It works on my old Asustor AS5004T. I do not get the screen to browse to my music. No dropdown. I can only close from here. Installation went flawless, but configuration stops here.
Asustor cannot replicate the error, I did not have the issue on my previous Asustor NAS, both running on ADM 4.

You configure the path to your music files from within Roon and not here. Here a path to the location of RoonServer and the Roon database (should be on an SSD) is asked for.

Maybe @crieke can help you with this.

Hi BlackJack,
I do not have the option to add anything here. And I do on my old NAS with the same software.

I could not reproduce this on my ASUSTOR yet, but I have seen this before on a user’s Asustor device. I am currently checking, what the cause might be…

If there is anything you want me to test please let me know

Asustor Support suggested me to do the following:

In this case, please help to find a spare drive to reinitialize the NAS and see if its still having same issue in new initialized system so we can confirm if the issue is related to the original hard drive set or NAS unit itself.
Please find a spare drive and follow these steps to reinitialize the NAS unit to see if problem persists in the new installed system:

  1. Power off the NAS.
  2. Unplug all drives.
  3. Power on the NAS(empty unit)
  4. When it’s on, use ACC(ASUSTOR Control Center) to scan and list the NAS list, you should be able to see the unit status is uninitialized, use browser to visit NAS IP address and follow the instruction to insert the spare hdd and proceed initialization.
  5. When it’s initialized, visit the ADM interface and observe if the original problem persists.
    *The purpose of the above test is to verify if the problem will still occur with the new initialized system, after the result is confirmed, you can still power off the NAS, plug the original hard drive set back to the unit then power on it, the system and data will remain intact.

I did as requested and installed a clean Roon server on it. I had no problem configuring it that way. So not a solution yet, but it may help

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