Installing Roon on Synology NAS

Hi All,

Probably some rocky errors here but hoping I can get some help. Attempting to reinstall Roon Core onto Synology NAS.

  1. Am I correct that I can no longer install the Core onto an USB attached SSSD? Not getting the option on DSM7. It’s not giving me that option when I try to create a shared drive. Just letting me use “Vol 1”.

  2. Okay, so selecting VOL 1 and creating the shared folder as directed.

  3. I’m following all the instructions on the Christopher Rieke website and downloading the correct file package, and it all seems to be working.

  4. However, nothing seems to be there, and then Roon doesn’t see anything?

  5. Help please!

Many thanks and please remember I’m bot a huge tech, but can follow basic instructions!


Hi Neil-

The best advice I can give now that we are on DSM7 is to install on Docker, using the attached walkthrough which I found fantastic. Also, folks tend to answer questions on that thread.

Good luck!

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Did you give RoonServer permissions to the shared folder for music under Control Panel, Shared Folder? I’m using Roon on my DS918+ (non-Docker) with no issues.

To continue on this thread, would like to confirm that we can:

Install ROCK on a Docker instance for Synology NAS (current/new models)?

thank you seniors.

While installing Roon on a Synology using the approved installer IS supported. Running Roon in a Docker environment (NAS or not), is not.