Installing Ropieee on top of "DietPi + Allo GUI" (or other pre-installed from Allo)

I’ve got 2 raspberry pi’s running Ropieee, and I’m looking at getting a third (specifically an Allo DigiOne Player).

My first Pi running Ropieee was from Canakit. It’s purpose in life is to connect directly to a headphone DAC/AMP setup via USB. Super simple. Love it.

The second one connects to my basement rig via SPDIF. I bought a HiFiBerry with a digihat, and found the assembly/construction to be less than desireable (directions did not match the provided parts; had to improvise).

As such, I’d like to try a different option for #3, which brings me to an Allo DigiOne with SPDIF out:

Do Ropieee users care that it comes with an operating system on it (example: “DietPi + Allo GUI”)? Am I going to be able to install Ropieee over that, as I have the other two? Apologies if this is a dumb question…

I would just buy another microSD card for the Allo DigiOne Player so that you can experiment with RoPieee. Should only cost a few bucks. Then, you can go back to the provided O/S without having to worry about re-flashing.

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