Installing SSD in Nucleus. Are drive rails, silver & black screws included w/ Nucleus?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon Nucleus+

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Audio Research REF CB9 SE

Description Of Issue

Anxiously awaiting arrival of my just purchased Roon Nucleus+ to replace my Mac Mini Core. I’ve already received my SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD 4 TB but it does not come with mounting kit. Will the Nucleus+ come with required installation kit? I want to be ready to install soon as my Nucleus+ arrives. Could not find such installation kit on usually places (i.e. SanDisk, Amazon, …). Help with reply appreciated!

I don’t have a nucleus but I’ve read on this site that they do come with the rails and screws. Congratulations on your choice.

Thanks. I can’t wait. My reward after ripping CDs for many months.

Always backup your music…and your database…separately as they different things.


Just installed mine. Rails and silver screws are built in. Screws that hold the drive to the rails may or may not. I bought mine used and the prior owners said he never saw addition screws. Roon was nice enough to send me some(3 instead of 4). Seems to be pretty secure, but I ordered some addition screws. 50 for $1.00. LMK if you need some all ill send them out when I get them.

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Yes, they come with rails and screws. No worries. Easy to install.

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