Integrate Deezer streaming service

As it seems Qobuz is to big a risk for roon to develop support for it, how about support for Deezer or is that in receivership as well?


+1 Let’s get more services added


+1 Love Deezer.


We’re all big fans of Deezer and have worked with them a lot over the years.

I posted some more info about the current status here, so keep the feedback coming, and we’ll let everyone know as things progress. Thanks guys!


I use Deezer everyday and enjoy it very much. Please try to add Deezer to your music services.



Is Deezer lossless ever coming to the US?

They have been promising for over a year, but outside of Sonos, no Deezer.

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Hi, I also use Deezer, and while I have a Tidal account I have issues with it - cant log on and their support team have failed to sort the issue out meaning my account is useless - Deezer would be great.

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Also a Deezer Elite subscriber and adding this service to Roon would provide me more reasons to buy a lifetime subscription.

Please consider adding Deezer to Roon services.


Would love to see Deezer integration as well. Any chance we could see this in 2016?


Deezer Elite subscriber here as well.

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Deezer Elite subscriber here too!

Thumbs up for a Deezer support.

I’m new to this community and waiting for Roon’s integration to my Bluesound device expected by end of the year.
Did my Roon research around, read countless reviews, watched some youtube videos and I’m totally impressed.
Will definitely try out at least a year’s subscription.

If I’m not mistaken Deezer has the broadest country coverage amongst steaming services which can only be considered a plus for Roon’s support to it.

I’ve tried various steaming services before like Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, Rdio (in the past), all have cons and pros but the most balanced for me was Deezer.
Simple, intuitive, error-free, adequately powerful, hell even the free version respects “customers” with the less aggressive advertising content. Kudos to Deezer for that!

Deezer Sessions was also a wonderful scheme that shows the company loves and respects artists.

So… +1 for Deezer support by Roon Labs.

Apologies for reviving this old topic. So is Deezer integrated into Roon yet?

Deezer is not yet available in my country, but will be launched soon.

Just curious if Deezer integration into Roon.

Deezer does not integrate into Roon. A number of members have requested and would like Deezer to be integrated, but nothing on the horizon yet. Deezer had an exclusive with Sonos, so its possible there are contractual holdups on Deezer’s end. Contact Deezer and express your interest with Deezer Roon integration. Rarely, if ever, is Roon the holdup on such things. They are very open minded to expanding listening options.

I agree on team Roon would have approached team Deezer with intent to integrate Deezer into Roon.

I have sent enquiry to Deezer with queries and also about Roon integration.

Looks like I should have hopes but nothing exciting.

btw on Deezer -> Devices -> sound systems -> I saw many Boss, BS, Sonos, Rocki, BeoSound, Phantoms, LG Moon, Sony, Dennon, etc.

Did not understand their contract with Sonos. What ever it is hope they end their contract with Sonos and be open for Roon integration. When its launched in my country i will not be signing up unless its integrated into Roon. or will I not :thinking:? I m sure I will not… . anyways… :slight_smile:

Deezer was introduced in the US in 2014 through Sonos. It was called Deezer Elite - Offering flac 1411 CD quality streaming. Not sure if the CD quality streaming from Deezer is still tied to Sonos, since they also do business with Bose, and Cricket.

I had Deezer Elite for two years, but dropped it when my second year subscription ran out. Tidal integration with Roon does the job for me, but if Deezer were available through Roon, I’d certainly consider using their service.

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Had chat with Deezer and was told the good news that Deezer Elite service will be available for other platforms beside Sonos soon.

Let’s hope Roon is one of them.


Any updates :slight_smile: ?
Would love to see Deezer support within Roon…

You need to speak to Deezer!