Integrating multiple subwoofers with Dirac - MiniDSP solution?

Hi MiniDSP owners

I have a friend that’s just purchased the new active LS50’s and is currently trialling Roon and loving it (obviously!).

He wants to integrate his 4 x small subwoofers (SVS SB1000’s) into his rather large room and wants to have something like Dirac do it’s magic, for the multiple subwoofer integration.

At the moment he’s using splitters from the LS50’s single subwoofer output and tried to blend by ear.

Is there a MiniDSP (or other manufacturer) model that would support digital input and digital output that also supports room correction for 4 x subwoofers independently?

Appreciated in advance.

Ok I googled “MiniDSP with multiple subwoofers” and this came up first:

It seems I have it wrong. Instead of a single miniDSP box that handles 4 x subs and speaker DSP, you calibrate the subs separately? So the single subwoofer output from the active LS50 would go to the miniDSP 2x4 HD as per:


So he’d need another miniDSP unit to do room correction for the LS50’s?

I’m confused but will keep reading.

The the miniDSP 2x4 HD has 2 x digital inputs and 4 x subwoofer outputs - but no digital output annoyingly. Otherwise it would be an all-in-one box solution for my buddy.

Ok this might be the one:

This would allow TOSLink input, TOSLink output… but just need to see if any of the 8 analogue outputs can be used with subwoofers for bass management… And compatibility with Dirac Live.

I’m getting closer! Wish me luck

The 4x10 hd is indeed the one…I used it to integrate 4 x SVS sb13 ultras with passive LS50’s

You would use DIRAC live after using the 4x10 so it would be the cherry on the top

So you use the 4x10 to do crossovers and integration and then DIRAC the whole bangshoot … path would be something like this

Player …dirac to 4x10 , digital to kefs , 4 analog chans to subs…

(When I said "after the 4x10 , I mean its the last thing to do … in terms of path DIRAC is BEFORE the 4x10

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Rodney, you’re a champ.

Oh my… :+1::pray::grin:

Still using that setup?

Pro’s and con’s of Dirac vs just blending by ear? Massive difference?

Of course the effectiveness of Dirac + bass management depends on each room, case by case, but how was your own experience (if you don’t mind me asking)?

No , got no subs right now … I have Vivid audio giya G1 spirits which , in my room , are down by 2db at 10hz!!! (at ungodly levels)
I just use DIRAC these days which is easy to use.

You need to measure , tuning bass by ear is not a great option, you tune to taste in DIRAC by changing the target curve

Im actuallly waiting for a Trinnov st2 to replace the DIRAC setup… should be here in the next week.

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USB port on miniDSP 2x4HD is bi-directional - this might be a way of getting a digital output.

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