Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

Couldn’t agree more.


Let’s get back on track and asked for Integration of Amazon Music HD to Roon in this thread
Bottomline, if you don’t like what Amazon, Tidal, or Qobuz offerings, just go check out the alternatives.
In my case, I have tried all of them, and Amazon offers what I want at a reasonable price. Therefore I hope Roon can offers Amazon HD integration.

FWIW I would be happy to just see these services in Roon, I am not fussed if they integrate with my library per-say.

I use tidal etc when out and about on my phone, Roon it utterly useless for this anyhow.

Any response from Roon regarding this request? I would like to hear something more concrete before I decide to shell out some money to Amazon.

What I was driving at is this ‘deep’ integration with roon is useless, I cannot open roon when not on my network so various streaming service dont work. Yes its useful when on the network, but having various tidal albums show in my main library is of very limited value because roon has cut you off at the knees when not on the network anyhow.

But having it in the interface would be usefull. The amazon is certainly well priced. If a restriction of amazon working with roon is those albums ‘appearing’ in my album list, well I will happily live without that.

Let’s keep this topic about the feature request, there’s dedicated topic to discuss Amazon’s initiative…

+1 for an integration! :slight_smile:

+1 for Amazon Music HD.

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+1 for integration

+1 for integration

If Roon can work a deal with Amazon they would completely solidify their business model, integrating a music service with your music library which they do so superbly. No one does it better than Roon.

Alternatively ,if Amazon knocks Tidal and Qobuz out of business , it could be very bad for Roon. This could be a real possibility and would leave me searching for Amazon compatible streamers like Bluesound, etc.

I do feel Apple and Spotify are also now much more likely to get into the Hi Res business now.Both of these companies are highly unlikely to allow Roon integration with their music services.

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By the way, Amazon Hi res sounds better to me then Tidal MQA files.


I’m happy with Roon/Tidal. I’m Linux only and have five zones set up with Raspberry Pi and laptops. Roon does this really well.

I’m sticking with what I’ve got. If Tidal and Qobuz go under, I’ll go back to JRiver and Spotify connect as I’m still on yearly Roon membership. I’d rather take the hit on streaming sound quality than lose the flexibility, so that rules out Amazon unless they agree an integration deal with Roon. I’m not confident that any deal will be made though.

But it’s +1 for integration from me.

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If Roon integrates with Sonos, and Sonos works with Amazon music, is that not a pathway to have Amazon on Roon?

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+1 for integration with Amazon. I have both Tidal and Qobuz. Half of my albums do not exist in Qobuz, I wish they were. I barely find anything that is in Qobuz and does not exist in Tidal. Amazon Music beats both by a long shot. They even offer some albums in HD that were only available on cassette.

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+1 for integration with Amazon

No, as it can’t feed back into Roon. It’s a one way street. It plays on the Sonos endpoint only and will be controlled by the Sonos app only.

As a Roon/Qobuz user, +1 for Amazon/Roon integration.


Thanks Crystal Gipsy.

Integration of Amazon HD music would alleviate any and all concern about Roon not having a streaming service as part of their software in the future. Amazon is not going away.

A big ++++1 for integration