Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

+1 for integration: the more the merrier.

As others have noted, this could prove troublesome for Tidal/Qobuz, and Roon as a consequence if Tidal/Qobuz vanish and Amazon/alternatives are unavailable via Roon. Hopefully the competition just drives lower prices rather than closures and we all benefit…

Another vote from the land of (bi)polar bears - Norway.

I´ve been with Tidal since it´s birth while they still were named «WIMP» (believe it or not (sic!))

Until discovering ROON about a year ago TIDAL hifi/ Master was OK, but not more than that - I still prefered CD´s and SACD´s for more «serious listening».

ROON now manages all my digital media (CD´s and SACD´s been ripped and stored as FLAC/ DSD files on external hard drives. RIpping SACD´s made me feil like an outlaw due to the copyright protection - you´ll have to use a second generation PlayStation (I found one at a garage sale)to me it´s a dream come true. The possibilities of music administration seems to be endless as I can pin point my searches due to the flexible administration of metadata.

Now to the point:

MQA - sound and business strategy;

To my ears and mind MQA does not sonically reach up to uncompressed FLAC and DSD files (the latter is my sonic preferanse).

I am not comfortable with being forced to buy certain MQA compatible equipment to get the complete fold-out. (I have a McIntosh C2600 tube pre amp w/ integrated DAC which I intend to keep the rest of my life, being not a youngster that´s about 20 years or so).

Since Quobuz still is not available in my country I´ll welcome any major provider of uncompressed hi res music files.

Finally and completely OOT:

The good, old grammophone will forever be my weapon of choice - I love my records and after more than fifty years of purchasing music albums I have all I need for this and probably another life as well. Unfortunately my body is not lenger what it was (if it ever was what I believe it was (sic!)) so digital media is to me a plan B (from outer space or not)

Analogue recording and reproducing is to me a time machine - soundwaves captured and engraved at fx Comlumbias 30th street studio or in mrs. Van Gelders living room some fifty, sixty years ago can - whenever I want - be brought back to life in my own living room whenever I want - that´s magic! (And a bit of physics and elecromechanical engineering)

Thank you for your time.

All the best

Christer Hedin


There has been a very long and quiet period from Roon guys lately, I wonder if the Amazon news don’t have something to do with that.

Right now that Amazon music interface is a PITA.
Mostly unusable. Like stone age of computer audio.
They absolutely need an interface like Roon.

Who wants to stream 24 bit music to an Alexa Loudspeaker?


I would be amazed if Amazon work with Roon to integrate Amazon Music HD.
Amazon seem intent on selling its own hardware, Echo etc to stream their music service.
I personally don’t think that integration with Roon will ever happen.

I told customer support this morning that without the ability to integrate into my existing hifi ecosystem I’ve no interest in their offering. If their USP is high fidelity they’re going to have to do better than Echo as a front end or transport. Roon can serve as the front end and transport.

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The silence from the Roon devs is quite deafening

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Doesn’t mean anything. Roon never talks about something until Roon releases it.


I’m not exactly optimistic about the possibility but then again Amazon does allow Alexa to be embedded in third-party smart speakers such as Sonos so it does have some history of working with partners perhaps because Amazon recognises that Alexa’s integration with other Amazon services makes it a portal through which people can access its streaming services and buy stuff off its online shopping sites so more devices hosting Alexa means more people being funnelled through to its services.

Perhaps Amazon might see the same sort of synergy/benefit from Roon integration - a wider and pre-qualified audiophile audience for its HD streaming services and possibly even a future integration with an Amazon HD download (for purchased music) store if Amazon were ever to announce that, and given that both Tidal and Qobuz have a download store it would seem a natural next step, so that Roon users could go “I like that, I’d like to buy the album” and with a single click (plus presumably a "this will cost you X, press OK to proceed check) get it automatically added to their Roon library and their Amazon payment method charged for the purchase.

+1 here as well. As an Amazon prime member, i would be willing to subscribe to Roon lifetime if they integrate it with Roon. I would take 12.99 or 19.99 over Tidal anytime. Not to mention that it doesnt need a MQA capable DAC. Adding Amazon will get Roon more subscribers as well.


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What is wrong with @Signal2Noise’s comment? That is his own comment toward Jay-Z.

I think you are reading too much into his comment.

I’ve been on the Roon forums for a couple of months. Yours is the first post that mentions racism, politics or religion. I have not seen any post that strays into those topics. While I did see posts by someone who does not like Jay-Z there is no suggestion that it is based on race. Lets try to calibrate the sensitivity meter so we don’t become the catalysts of what we are trying to avoid.


Couldn’t agree more.


Let’s get back on track and asked for Integration of Amazon Music HD to Roon in this thread
Bottomline, if you don’t like what Amazon, Tidal, or Qobuz offerings, just go check out the alternatives.
In my case, I have tried all of them, and Amazon offers what I want at a reasonable price. Therefore I hope Roon can offers Amazon HD integration.

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FWIW I would be happy to just see these services in Roon, I am not fussed if they integrate with my library per-say.

I use tidal etc when out and about on my phone, Roon it utterly useless for this anyhow.

Any response from Roon regarding this request? I would like to hear something more concrete before I decide to shell out some money to Amazon.

What I was driving at is this ‘deep’ integration with roon is useless, I cannot open roon when not on my network so various streaming service dont work. Yes its useful when on the network, but having various tidal albums show in my main library is of very limited value because roon has cut you off at the knees when not on the network anyhow.

But having it in the interface would be usefull. The amazon is certainly well priced. If a restriction of amazon working with roon is those albums ‘appearing’ in my album list, well I will happily live without that.

Let’s keep this topic about the feature request, there’s dedicated topic to discuss Amazon’s initiative…